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The Smush Pro plugin is for WordPress websites. This plugin will optimize your images without compromising image quality.

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Features and Benefits of Smush Pro

Images are an essential part of any website. They can increase audience retention and slow down website loading speeds. In addition, your server will suffer if you don’t optimize your images.

They can damage your pages and cause them to be ranked lower on Google. In addition, manually optimizing images can be time-consuming and tedious. Smush Image Optimization Plugin is here to help.

Smush, an image optimization plugin with a large user base, is an award-winning tool. This plugin can optimize images already uploaded to your site and those that will be added to it to make it more responsive.

Smush PRO is a great tool to optimize your website images simultaneously. Yes, it is one of the most powerful bulk image optimization plugins.

This plugin optimizes your images and reduces server load in just one click. This article will discuss the Smush Pro plugin and all of its features. Let’s get started!

What is Smush Pro?

The Smush Pro plugin is for WordPress websites. This plugin will optimize your images without compromising image quality.

Websites that have images can often load slowly because it takes so long to load the images.

Websites are given a speed score from 0 to 100. Your website’s speed score is 90 or higher.

Slow speeds can be problematic if your site scores between 50-89.

Although your website should load correctly, there are many areas for improvement.

Smush Pro is an excellent tool if your speed score falls below 50. Otherwise, your website could be slowing down and unable to complete loading.

Your website will still load at the most, but it won’t be as fast as before.

The Smush Pro plugin is for WordPress websites. This plugin will optimize your images without compromising image quality.

Smush Pro will optimize your website for old and new images in real time. Optimizing images can improve your website’s speed and make users happier.

Why is it important to optimize images for your WordPress website?

It may be hard to believe that every image on your website sends an individual HTTP request. Optimizing images will give you the following benefits.

  • It increases the speed at which your website loads, improving user experience.
  • Images with smaller sizes are less demanding on the server and require more storage space.
  • Hosting costs are reduced by reducing network bandwidth.

Optimized images improve the user experience and increase your website’s performance and rank. Smush Pro integrates seamlessly with Google PageSpeed Insight Tool to resolve all image-loading issues. In addition, it compresses all images on your website automatically.

Smush Pro: Why?

How many times have you wished you could create a site faster? While you can delete all images from your site, shouldn’t there be an easier way? It is, indeed!

WordPress plugins that do Image compression make it easy to optimize your site for speed and performance. We can all be real here. Nobody wants to go back to the ’90s and have static pages lacking media content. Image size is essential. Beautiful images are a must-have for readers. Images are a great way to optimize your posts and content. However, large images can slow down your page’s loading speed.

Search engines and site visitors hate slow-loading websites. This is a well-known fact. What’s the solution? A plugin that can compress images is necessary to achieve a balance between SEO scores and site aesthetics.

This is where compression refers to reducing image file size without compromising the quality. This is time-consuming and tedious if done manually. This is why it’s essential to do it smartly and not hardily.

WP Smush is here to save the day! WP Smush will seamlessly compress all of your images. You can also use it to compress your older photos. It will optimize and reduce them to a reasonable size and then fine-tune them for your website. You don’t need to worry about all the configuration options. The defaults are pretty reasonable and will rarely be changed.

Smush vs. Smush Pro

Smush is an online image compression tool. Smush Pro offers more features.

Smush and SmushPro provide lossless compression. This means that images are compressed without quality loss. SmushPro has more features than Smush. For example, it can bulk-compress images and resize images. You can also convert images to WebP format.

Smush is an excellent option for anyone who needs to compress images. Smush Pro has more features like bulk compression and image resizing.

Smush Pro Features and Benefits

Smush Pro is fantastic image optimization, compression, and resizing tool. It can be used with servers, which gives it an additional boost in performance and delivery. In addition, it can remove irrelevant and bulky elements from images without compromising image quality or aesthetics.

There’s more! This plugin optimizes Amazon S3 images and other images from themes. Smush Pro’s key feature is integration. It can be used seamlessly with other plugins.

Let’s take a look at some of the plugin’s features and discover why it is so popular with webmasters and admins.

Smush is available in a free or premium version. Smush has minimal functionality. This version includes all of the functionality.

Directory Smush

Images can be stored in places other than the Uploads folder. For example, plugins that make their own image copies may keep those images in the plugins folder. In addition, the directory Smush locates uncompressed images outside the uploads folder and allows users to compress these images if desired.

Click on the button to activate the feature. Next, click Choose Directory to display a listing directory where uncompressed images can be found. To reveal subdirectories, click the arrow left of any directory. Next, click the arrow left of any subdirectory for the images inside. Finally, click on the checkbox next to any directory to compress all images or to select individual images if desired. Then click Choose Directory to start compression. The process may take several minutes if several directories have been selected.

Lossless compression

The free Smush Image Optimization plugin allows you to compress images without compromising quality. This feature can reduce the size of your images by up to 5-6 percent. Although this percentage may seem small, it can make all the difference if you have a lot of images on your website.

Lazy Loading

You can use lazy loading to delay loading off-screen images. Additionally, you can choose custom-loading animations. This feature will significantly speed up your website and increase website performance.

Go to Smush, then choose lazy load. You have many customization options, including media type, display animation, and exclude. You can filter and customize the page according to your needs. Lazy loading is a method that retrieves the data needed to display what is being viewed at the moment. This can dramatically impact page speed. The more images your site has, the better. You can set the settings to control which file types and when they are lazy-loaded.

Media Types

Selecting or deselecting checkboxes for file types allows you to choose which media types are lazy-loaded.

Output locations

Selecting or deselecting one of the out-location checkboxes will allow you to choose where lazy loading will be applied.

Display & Animation

Selecting an animation effect, placeholder image, or none at all will allow you to control how images look as they scroll in view.

Fade In

Images will first load and then fade in. The Duration field allows you to set the fade duration in milliseconds. The fade will start as soon as the image scrolls onto your screen. If you prefer that the animation occurs in full view, enter the delay time in milliseconds in the Delay field.

Large images can be resized

You can resize large images with Smush to fit into a specific container. According to Google’s recommended guidelines, Smush allows users to resize large images in one click.

Go to Smush Pro and Tools to activate automatic image size detection. Click Save Changes to turn on image resize detection.

Bulk Smush

Full-size images can slow down websites and take up too much space. Two ways you can optimize your images for speed. The first is manually optimizing the images, which can take a lot of work. The second is to use Smush, which is fast and straightforward.

Smush must be activated before it scans your website for images that could be optimized. Then, Smush will scan images and display the results. Bulk Smush allows you to apply all of your enabled features to uncompressed images in one click. You can Bulk Smush unlimited images, up to 32Mb each. You can upload up to 50 images in one click. The maximum file size is 5 MB per image.

Clicking Re-Check Images at the top of the screen will trigger an instant scan of your image collection. Bulk Smush will notify you of uncompressed images within your Media Library. To compress all images that Bulk Smush does not compress, click Bulk Smush. You can also click Media Library and open individual images to access the media library.

All your images will automatically be optimized when you click on the “BULK SMASH NOW” button.

Advanced Features of Smush Pro

Powerful Dashboard

Smush Pro comes with a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to monitor your image files and take necessary actions (like CDN and Local WebP and lazy load activation or inactivation) all with one click.

Lossy Compression

This plugin’s pro version offers more powerful tools that allow us to reduce image sizes up to 2x.

Super Smush or 2x compression is a way to strip out as much data as possible while maintaining the image’s quality. You can take your image optimization to the next step by adding “2x” compression. Go to Bulk Smush, scroll down to Super Smush, and enable Lossy Compression.

Smush Pro CDN

Smush Pro CDN allows you to serve images from 45 locations around the globe. In addition, a CDN can speed up your website’s loading time and improve your Google ranking. Websites that load quickly are more popular than those with slower loading times. Smush Pro provides up to 10GB of bandwidth per month.

Go to Smush Pro for Smush CDN activation. Click on CDN, then click on Start. A configuration page will then appear. Next, enable settings according to your needs. Next, click “Save & Activate”.

Find the Incorrect Sizes of Images and Fix them.

It is essential to correctly size images to display them at the front end. You can highlight images that are too large or small.

Enable the option by going to the Tools section of the Smush Pro settings.

Back up original images.

You can back up images before scaling down an image. This will allow you to restore the original image if necessary.

Support for WebP Format

Smush CDN allows you to convert images into WebP format. WebP is an image format that allows for significant compression. It allows you to create smaller images that will make your website perform better.

WebP allows you to save 25% on your website storage space compared with other image formats.

To activate WebP, visit Smush Pro. Next select Local WebP. Click on Get Started
Next, choose your server type (Apache/NGINX), and click on the next button.

You will now need to create rules. Automatic default is selected. You can manually add rules and click on the apply filter button to get better results.

Automated Resize and Scale

Smush Pro makes it easy to resize images with one click. In addition, you can adjust the size of the image to ensure it fits within the container.

Bulk Smush will enable image resizing. Scroll down to image Resizing, then enable Resize to upload images. You can also specify the maximum height and width.

Remove Image metadata

Selecting the “Remove Image Metadata” option will allow you to delete any unnecessary data from your images while keeping the necessary data for SEO.

This feature is essential because it allows the user to remove unwanted data from the image. This feature can be activated by enabling Strip my image metadata.

Auto Convert PNG to JPEG

Smush Pro allows you to convert PNG files into JPEGs, reducing file size but not compromising quality.

This feature is excellent for people who want to save space and automatically convert all of their files into JPEGs. This feature can be activated by enabling Auto-convert PNGs into JPEGs.


Smush Pro offers many other great tools, including WPBakery and Amazon S3, Gutenberg editor, NextGEN gallery, NextGEN gallery, and Amazon S3. These platforms offer users a lot of flexibility and more resources.

Simply enable the required tool integration to activate the integration.

How to install and configure it?

The easiest way to install the plugin is to visit your site admin and click on “Plugins.” Next, type “smush,” and the plugin should appear at the top of the list.

Once you’ve installed it, activate it! Now it’s time for you to start Smushing images. First, click the “Smush” button in the left sidebar to get redirected directly to the Dashboard, where you can set up the most important settings.

The “Bulk Smush Now” button will be on your screen’s right-hand side. Clicking on this button will cause WP Smush to take all images in the “Media” folder and optimize them. In addition, you will see the “Total savings” in MBs that you have gotten for using the plugin as you go along.

You should remember that WP Smush’s non-paid version only allows 50 images per run. So after the 50 images are processed, you’ll need to click the “Bulk smush Now” button to continue the process.

How to optimize images with Smush Pro?

Smush Pro is available for free for 30 days. To access the APIs that allow you to access the servers providing the optimization and compression services, you will need to subscribe. One of the benefits of using Smush Pro is that the servers do not handle the work.

Step 1: Install SmushPro

Active members (who are required to access Smush Pro) can access the Dashboard. In addition, the Dashboard’s Plugin Manager allows you to install Smush Pro in just one click.

Step 2: Install Smush

After you have installed Smush Pro, you will see an item added to your left-hand navigation bar in WordPress Dashboard. To begin the setup process, click on the link. The next step is to ask if you would like automatic compression for all images you upload. EXIF data should be removed from images, lazy load enabled, and your data shared with the team.

After you have set the plugin up, it will automatically compress the images and display the results on the Smush Dashboard. There is nothing else you need to do!

Step 3: Configure any remaining smush features

You can access additional features through the Dashboard.

  • Bulk Smush lets you apply all your image settings to uncompressed images in one click. Smush will notify you that there are uncompressed images within your Media Library. If you wish, you can click Bulk Smush Now. This will optimize and compress all of them at once. This is unlikely to be something that you will use once the plugin has been installed and set up.
  • Directory Smush allows users to create folders other than the Media directory. If you add images, Smush optimizes them automatically.
  • Integrations are where you specify if Smush should work with other tools (e.g., adding a manual Smush button in the Gutenberg blocks if using this WordPress editor).
  • Lazy load refers to the delay in image loading until it is vital. Smush allows users to select the behavior of the process (e.g., which files are lazy-loaded).
  • CDN is where to activate and configure the CDN. This caches images and serves them via a global proxy server nearest your viewer. It improves page performance.
  • You would use Tools to enable Image Resize Detection. (where Smush will tell you if your image is too large for its container). If you make an error, you can also restore your image thumbnails from Tools.
  • From an administrative perspective, Settings would allow you to change the behavior or appearance of Smush.

You can see that the setup phase is the most challenging part of using Smush, whether you are purchasing the paid or the free version. However, you can relax knowing that Smush will handle all your optimization and image compression needs.

Pros and cons


  • Free image optimizations per calendar month
  • Capability to automatically compress images upon upload
  • Automatically remove unnecessary information from your images, such as metadata or EXIF data (elements such as focal lengths, locations, times and dates, etc.).
  • Automated resizing of full-size images according to pre-set maximum and minimum.
  • Compatible with WordPress Multisite. You can either global-activate or configure the plugin for each site preference.
  • You can view statistics about image optimization (number of images reduced, sizes, and space saved).
  • You don’t need to create an account to use the free version API key. You can compress every image with the free version. Bulk-compressing 50 images at once is possible.
  • Image optimization is done using the plugin developer’s server resource. This means that you do not have to use your private server resources. This is particularly important for shared hosting sites.
  • This plugin will highlight misaligned images in your front end and allow you to correct them. The admin role can only do this, so your site visitors won’t see it.


  • For the free version, the maximum file size is 1MB. This may not be sufficient for all websites. The Pro version can store 32MB.
  • To enjoy additional features, you need a membership. This will cost $49 per month. This membership also includes many other plugins by the developer.
  • Your original images are not saved in the Free version. This feature is also available in other optimization plugins.
  • Free versions are limited to 50 images per instance. If you have many images that need to be compressed, this may result in “more time.”
  • Be prepared for intrusive ads on your admin dashboard urging you to upgrade to the Pro version.
  • The Pro Version is required if you are a photographer. You might also want to save the Metadata.

WP Smush Free or Pro

Smush Pro allows you to smush images up to 32MB. This is more than enough to meet most people’s needs. In addition, the plugin’s backend includes options for auto-smushing on upload (so that you don’t have to smush each image individually) and super Smush for lossy optimization.

This option promises twice the compression of lossless with virtually no quality loss. In addition, it is possible to back up original images. However, this will increase the file size in your uploads directory.

Smush Pro uses servers for smushing images. This means you don’t need to worry about extra load on your servers. In addition, Smush Pro can be installed using the Dashboard. This is because you will need the dashboard plugin to link your API to the plugin.

After installation, there is only one settings page for the plugin. This can be accessed from the Media section on the sidebar. You can also view compression information and the amount of space you have saved for each image in your media library.

Smush Pro Cost

You have several options when you purchase Smush Pro. A pro version costs $60 per year for a single website. In addition, a $140 per year subscription is available to optimize up to 20 websites.

An annual plan is $290 for large companies with more than 20 websites to optimize and manage. This allows optimization on an unlimited number of sites.

Smush offers a free version that allows unlimited photo optimization but has two limitations.

First, images cannot exceed 1MB in size. You can only optimize one image; lossless.

Overall rating and review

Smush Pro received a 4.8-star WordPress review with more than five thousand reviews.

It is well-received by many users, impressed with its ease of use and efficiency. You can easily set Smush Pro, so that old and new images are automatically optimized on your website.

SmushPro has been praised for its customer service. It is available to all customers, regardless of their plans.

Many users were happy with the technical support they received whenever they encountered a problem.

Wrapping up

High-quality, high-resolution images and small sizes will increase site loading speeds, leading to a higher SEO ranking. In addition, optimized images can improve the user experience by loading quickly.

There are many image optimization tools available. However, it is best to use a more popular and intelligent resource to do the job quickly.

So, these were the features of Smush Pro. If you want to buy it, we have a fantastic option.

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Smush Pro



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WPFunnels App

WPFunnels App



WPFunnels lets you manage all your products, pages, funnels, and other website information from your back office. This eliminates any integration issues or glitches and makes your website more native

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Features and Benefits of WPFunnels

Sales funnels are a vital eCommerce technique for any online store, whether a new startup or a well-established business.

Understanding the sales funnel, its structure, and how to use it to grow your business is crucial to maximizing the leads you create.

The sales funnel exists, and your customers use it every day.

Optimizing the process will allow you to guide more people towards a sale. It will reduce the chance of losing their business.

This information can be used by established businesses to increase their user base. However, it is an excellent idea if you don’t have a store yet. It is possible to set up your store with a good understanding of sales funnels and the steps you should take to make them work for you.

You are a website owner, and you know how difficult it is to increase sales. First, you need to create a funnel to get the customer to make a purchase. It is a process where the customer experiences a variety of touchpoints to lead them to the desired outcome. Many websites offer plugins to create funnels. You’ve probably tried them and have had positive experiences with them. However, some users find them cumbersome and not for everyone.

WooFunnels and Cartflows are currently taking over the WP Funnel Building sector. You may already be aware that disruption always occurs.

WPFunnels is the new face of the town. It is a disruptor, yes. Let’s take a deeper dive to find out why.

But before we head out, just to let you know – WPFunnel is an incredible freemium drag-and-drop funnel builder that can create professional-looking, optimized sales funnels for your WP website.

The plugin WordPress WPFunnels is a simple and intuitive tool. You don’t have to be a professional to run your business. WPFunnels relieves you of the responsibility.

This is the first ever drag-and-drop funnel builder that’s canvas-based. Anyone can use it, even those with no previous experience in funnel building. It is the most user-friendly funnel builder for WordPress or WooCommerce. You can plan your sales funnel using a drag-and-drop canvas.

What are WPFunnels?

WPFunnels has a lot more power than a third-party builder. WPFunnels lets you manage all your products, pages, funnels, and other website information from your back office. This eliminates any integration issues or glitches and makes your website more native. WPFunnels also uses page builders such as Elementor so that you can use the same pages on your site. You can also collect emails by integrating them with email-marketing tools. WPFunnels can be used for eCommerce, including selling products, bookings, taking payments, and building online stores.

WPFunnels is better

In 2020, a design team joined the fight to find a better WordPress solution. They wanted to design a system that was easy to use and allowed for enough control over each step.

The time was right, and WPFunnels found a solution that combined control and versatility in February 2021. Next came programming. They created a WordPress Sales Funnel Builder in six months. This provides an easy way to create funnels.

This plugin is not like other funnel builders, which create them in one step. The WordPress dashboard gives you additional control over the planning and shape of your funnels. Visual Funnel Builder is the name of this application.

Visual Funnel Maker comes with a mapping system, which allows you drag-and-drop your funnels. It is easy to use:

  • Simply add your funnel.
  • Place it on the canvas.
  • Connect it with the other entities.

Other than that, you don’t require any other tools. Your workspace is your Funnels dashboard. It’s available for you at every stage of the process. WordPress Page Builder allows you to create every page on your homepage.

This plugin is an excellent addition to WordPress website design and comes at a reasonable price. In addition, the plugin is easy to use and takes only 15 minutes for anyone to grasp its full potential.

WPFunnel Features and Benefits

WPFunnels Features

Although there are many WordPress Funnel builders out there, WPFunnels is unique in that it has some distinct features.

WPFunnels’ main features are:

  • Visual Drag & Drop Funnel Builder
  • Premade funnel templates
  • See the Customization page
  • Buy Bumps
  • One-Click Upsells & Downsells

The visual drag-and-drop funnel builder is a game-changer!

Pages and Funnels

The funnel-building section is the most appealing part of this plugin. You will find a dedicated canvas that you can use to create, modify, and manage a complete funnel. Drag and drop is all it takes.

You can do nearly everything with the canvas-based funnel maker. You have two options: either you can create your own funnel or use a pre-made template.

After you’ve created your funnel, you’ll be able to add steps, map steps, and create different conditions. You can also add products, upsells, and downsells to the canvas. You can customize each funnel step, structure, and element, integrate them with third-party programs, and more.

You can choose from Elementor, Gutenberg, or Divi to design your funnel pages.

Drag & Drop Funnel Builder

The drag-and-drop funnel builder was simple to use, but it amazed me. WPFunnels’ sales funnel builder will help you map the customer journey within your website. It is easy to create a sales channel by simply adding elements and dragging & dropping them as you need. Then, connect them together.

Once you have your sales funnel outline in place, click on each step to edit it. Once your funnel is completed, click Save to publish.

The stats switch another great tool in this feature. You can click on it to see how many people have gone through each section of your funnel. Again, this is a great way to optimize your sales system to increase conversions.

Pre-Made Funnel templates

You can use many templates, just like any page or funnel builder. WPFunnels is just now available, so the selection of templates is limited. However, you can still create your own systems. WPFunnels currently only offers pre-made templates to be used in a Sales Funnel. Yes, it is possible to create lead generation funnels and other types. However, it needs to be integrated with other plugins.

However, the templates it offers are beautiful, professional-looking, and conversion-optimized. In addition, you always have the ability to modify the templates to your heart’s content.

Each template set includes different pages: a landing page, checkout, upsell, or down-sell, and, of course, a thank you page.

You can preview the templates before you import them. You can either import the entire funnel template or create your own. You can also import individual stage/step templates if you need them. (e.g., Thank you page)

The free version of this software includes 3x 3-step funnels that you can import to your website. This includes a sales page, a checkout page, and an order success page. The Pro Plan includes the templates as well as an additional 1×3-step funnel and 3×5-step funnels. The 5-step funnels include a sales page (checkout page), checkout page, upsell Page, and down-sell Page, as well as an order success page.

Simply choose one of the funnels and click Import. Your funnel will be ready in no time.

Checkout page for custom WooCommerce

WPFunnels has the unique ability to customize your WooCommerce checkout right from your page builder. The Elementor page builder was used for this WPFunnels review. The visual editor allows you to customize many things, including the order bump, the layout and color scheme, as well as the checkout page.

To edit the products or checkout fields, return to the funnel editor by clicking on the settings button. There are options to edit and add products. You can also access the checkout fields option from Canvas. You can create entirely new fields here and present them according to your requirements.

You can also turn on or off existing shipping and billing fields to make customer checkout easier.

To give your checkout fields more color, either use Elementor or another page builder to edit them. Or, you can add or replace a template from WPFunnels’ templates library.

Order Bumps

Order bumps can be easily added to your sales funnel. First, click on the settings button on the checkout page and click on Order Bump. Next, choose the options that you wish to add to the checkout. You can also select where the order bump should appear. You can do this on the settings page or on the visual builder. An order bump allows you to sell a complementary product alongside the main product. An order bump is only possible with a well-designed product, proper placement, timing, and the right product.

You don’t have to look at other options in order to create an order bump. You can simply use the simplified Canvas to select checkout and click on the setting icon. The order bump option will appear.

You can modify the bump settings to change the design. This includes the position, colors, images, and description. Pricing, labels, and other options are also available. In addition, WPFunnels offers eight styles of bumps. These are also available in the free version.

One-Click Upsell and Downsell Offers

An upsell is another product placement that can be used to increase profits at the end of a sales transaction. WPFunnels offers upsell and down-sell options, but only in the premium version.

It is easy to add upsell or decrease sales just as with other steps. Go to Canvas and add upsell/downsell as a step. You can then assign a product.

You can now create upsell or down-sell landing pages by using one of the premium templates. Of course, you can also use your favorite page builder to start from scratch.

Once you have completed the canvas, searching for and assigning a product is possible. You can also add variations to your product if desired.

Your customer value will be increased by adding upsells or downsells to your sales funnel. Add the step to your funnel map and connect it where you want it activated. Then, click on the cog to add the products or prices.

After the settings have been added, you can edit the page to reflect your product. The general rule of thumb when it comes to upsells or downsells is that you want to offer something at a lower price because it’s a once-only deal. If they choose not to opt for the upsell, then you can lead them to the down-sell. This is either a reduced price or a comparable product at a lower price.

Use Page Builders

There were only two-page builders when I created this WPFunnels review. Gutenberg and Elementor. It doesn’t appear that there are any plans to add any page builders integrations at the moment. However, Gutenberg and Elementor are sufficient for most users.

Supported payment gateways for WPFunnels

WPFunnels makes use of payment gateways to enable pre-checkout and checkout.

After checkout offer

The following payment providers currently support the current offering:

  1. PayPal
  2. Stripe
  3. Cash on Delivery
  4. Mollie
  5. Authorize.Net

WPFunnels is now fully accessible in Europe. However, you must first install the appropriate payment plugin from the WordPress Directory. This will allow you to use it for upselling or down-sell.

An analytics tool to analyze each funnel

Nothing is more frustrating than using an external analytics tool to evaluate performance. This problem is avoided by the integrated tool, which provides a comprehensive analysis of all your funnels. In addition, it will show you the evolution of your funnels, as well as sales and revenue generated.

Get a glimpse of the Additional Features.

WPFunnels offers many other essential features in addition to these core features. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • A one-time custom discount: This is a way to offer a unique discount on any offer. This will help you make your offer stand out and reduce cart abandonment.
  • Reporting and Analysis: Each funnel will be provided with detailed reports and analyses. You will get traffic stats and conversion stats, as well as revenue details. You can also have custom event tracking via Facebook pixel, Google tag manager integration, and UTM parameters support.
  • CRM Integration: CRM tools can be integrated to create lists and tags based on user activity. It allows for unlimited automation possibilities when you connect your WPFuennls with CRM.

What sets WPFunnels apart?

There are many WordPress funnel builders, but WPFunnels is the best because of its compelling reasons. This software is unique among other programs.

Some of the most critical features of WPFunnels are Pre-made Funnel Templates and Checkout Page Customization. Order Bumps and Visual Drag and Drop Funnel Building.

In addition to the existing Stripe option, there will be analytics for each step of the funnel, A/B testing, and practical payment processing systems.

WPFunnels is different from other funnel builders in that it allows you visually design your funnel flows with a drag-and-drop canvas. As a result, you don’t need multiple tools to track and create your funnels.

WPFunnels allows you to create your funnel, launch sales campaigns, track everything, and manage it all from one location.

WPFunnels Paid or Free?

Is it enough to be free?

You can create a simple sales funnel using the Free version. It includes a landing page, checkout, and thank you page. Order bumps are free, but you will need to pay a premium for down-sell and upsell.

It’s almost the same as other versions. All versions offer almost identical features in their free version. WPFunnel is the best because of its Canvas and drag-and-drop feature, which you can get in the free version.

Yes, it’s enough. But, you can limit your sales funnel to three simple ones. First, you need to go premium for more.

Paid: Is it worthwhile?

As we’ve already mentioned, isn’tthe premium version is unique. The premium version will include all necessary funnel-building features and other related features, which is an advantage over the others.

However, switching to plugins that only offer additional features is worthwhile. For example, some plugins provide extra features like email validation and split testing. These plugins are not necessary, but they can be an excellent addition.

The canvas mode, which ties everything together and allows for great flexibility, can be a selling feature. When the total price is high, it can be a selling point.

WPFunnels offers single-site annual licensing at $97, while other companies sell the same product for more than $170.

For agency plans, funnel builders offer 30 sites for $999 and unlimited websites for more than $1000. WPFunnels offers unlimited sites for a lifetime at $737, which is obviously the most attractive and reasonable option. Is WPFunnels really worth the price? Yes.

WPFunnels Pricing

WPFunnels currently offers 3x pricing plans with annual and lifetime options. This may change in the future, but I will try to keep it current.

Small Plan: A plan with a 1x website license. This plan is ideal for Solopreneurs or small businesses that do not require multiple websites. You can either pay $97 annually for the Small plan or get the lifetime deal at $237 once only.

Medium plan: This plan offers more significant usage and a 5x website license. This plan is ideal for medium-sized businesses that have several websites or marketers who want to manage multiple sites. Medium plans cost $147 per annum, while the lifetime deal costs $437.

Large plan: This plan allows unlimited website installation and is an unlimited plan. This plan is ideal for funnel designers, marketers, developers, and agencies. The cost of a Large is $237 annually, while the lifetime deal costs $737.

Why is WPFunnels better than others?

How can we claim that is superior to other plugins? What features and functions does WPFunnel offer that is unique? Let’s take a look at them in the next section.


WPFunnels is a WordPress funnel builder that is easy to use and very useful for designers. The Canvas-based visual funnel-building feature allows both technical and non-technical users the ability to create their own sales funnels that increase sales. Drag and drop canvas allows you to plan and map your entire funnel without ever leaving your WordPress dashboard. This is the most intuitive funnel builder that WordPress has to offer.


WPFunnels’ resources are another thing we love about them. You will find complete documentation and video tutorials. The website copy will give you all the details. A particular semi-landing page has been added to accommodate all the major features. The site also has a public roadmap and changelog.


They provide ticket-based support to customers. They can be reached via email, social media channels, or via live chat. What more could you ask for? The best part? All their support channels are completely free.


WPFunnels is a market leader in WordPress funnel building, but they charge a higher price. WPFunnels offers the best features and functionality.

Why WPFunnels Pro is Not Recommended

The editorial team identified some stages where you shouldn’t use WPFunnels to grow your conversion. However, you can use sales funnels once you have fixed the issues.

There is no plan to increase your sales.

You aren’t looking to increase your website’s net earnings, or you may be closing your business. Therefore, we recommend that you do not use any sales funnels for your websites if you are at this stage.

Your website is not ready yet.

It’s best not to use any funnel if your website isn’t ready. Once you have created any website, complete the content and development phases. Make sure to update your website copy so that it attracts customers. Then, use the WordPress funnel builder.

Are you not interested in Track and Analysis?

The WordPress funnel builder is not for you if you don’t need to track sales or analyze your business. You might be satisfied with your current business and not interested in growing it. If so, WPFunnels may not be for you.

Who can use WPFunnels?

WPFunnels plugin is excellent, and we are convinced of its effectiveness. However, the plugin might not be suitable for you. Every plugin is not right for every person. Our editorial team reviews and creates a list of potential users for WPFunnels.

Consultant? Use WPFunnels

You can use WPFunnels to build WordPress funnels if you’re a consultant in any field, such as software or marketing. You can also use clients as leads and manage them to update or convert.

Are you an Online Coach? Use WPFunnels

Are you an online coach? You can also use potential students and students as leads and manage them.

Do you need a Legal Advisor? Use WPFunnels

You can work with different types of clients as a legal advisor. They may come from different backgrounds and at different levels. You can add them to the canvas, and you can manage them.

What Software Firms? Use WPFunnels

Normal circumstances will see many clients for a software company. With WPFuneels and WordPress Funnel Builder, you can add them to your database and turn them into customers.

Are you a Digital Marketer? Use WPFunnels

Are you a digital marketer? You probably have clients in different industries. Some clients are technically competent and intelligent, while others aren’t. You can manage them all using WPFunnels, the WordPress funnel builder.

If a Marketing Tutor? Use WPFunnels

Teaching is a great way to create future marketers. Use WPFunnels to manage your students.

eCommerce Shop use WPFunnels

Every e-commerce shop has different customers, so segmentation is essential. WPFunnel builders allow you to manage all your customers. In addition, potential customers can be converted to permanent or permanent promoters.

Educational Portal uses WPFunnels.

Do you manage the education portal? If so, you can increase sales and conventions using WordPress funnel builder WPFunnels.

Are you a Marketing Strategist? Use WPFunnels

Marketing strategies are all about converting potential customers to regular customers. WPFunnels is a tool that can help you convert through lead management.

Are you an Online Fitness Trainer? Use WPFunnels

Do you offer online courses in fitness? WPFunnels makes it easy to grow your customer base and manage them easily.

Are you a Fitness Product Supplier? Use WPFunnels

You can sell products to multiple levels, just like eCommerce. You can also have customers from different places. You can add each customer to the WPFunnels, and market with the best WordPress funnel builders.

Health Supplement Provider? Use WPFunnels

WPFunnels is a canvas-based lead management tool that health supplement providers can use. Simply add your customers to the funnels, and then set the condition. Automate your marketing tasks

WPFunnels Benefits

Many WP funnel builders appear each day. WP Funnels is unique because of its unique features.

  • Conditional funnels can be used to increase sales. You can send different offers messages depending on the step taken in your funnel.
  • You can add an “order bump” button to your product pages to make it easy for shoppers to buy multiple products in one place.
  • You should offer higher-value items as an additional sale at the end of every order.
  • WPFunnel’s visual tool allows you to create a sales funnel from scratch by simply dragging and dropping elements.
  • There are many different types of funnel templates for every type of business.
  • It integrates with Gutenberg and Elementor, so you can create landing pages, offer pages, and checkout pages right from the WordPress dashboard.
  • WPFunnel offers in-depth analytics that provides insight into everything, from conversion rates to average order value.
  • The results of each stage of the sale funnel can be viewed, including conversions and total visitors.
  • A daily revenue breakdown will give you an idea of how much you make from these types of promotions.
  • This tool allows you to create global, conditionally-triggered funnels for your WooCommerce shop. You can offer customers special deals based on their purchases.
  • You can create funnels to offer personalized offers and trigger them when WooCommerce makes certain purchases. Create an offer, for example, if someone purchases a particular item at a specific price.
  • You can create custom checkout fields regardless of the channel they purchase from.
  • When you sign up for WPFunnel, you get three price points. There is an annual and lifetime option. This may change over time, but we will update it as often as possible.
  • Small Plan: This plan allows for one website license. It is ideal for solopreneurs or smaller businesses that don’t need multiple sites. The Small plan costs $97 annually, while the Lifetime Plan costs $237.
  • Medium Plan: You get a 5x site license for free with this plan. This plan is excellent for people who want to have different websites. It also works well for those who own multiple business units. The Medium Package costs $147 per year and $437 for the lifetime.
  • Large Plan: The large plan grants unlimited website licenses. This plan is ideal for developers, agencies, funnel marketers, and business owners who need it to be set up on multiple sites simultaneously. The annual cost is $237, and the lifetime offers are $737.

How do you get started with WPFunnels?

The basic steps to get started with WPFunnels are listed below. You can continue the same way as with other plugins. Assuming you have domain and hosting.

Create a WordPress site

Install WordPress on your host. Next, install the primary themes. You can update content and design elements like sliders, logos, etc. You can do whatever you like. Preparing the site for regular sales. Prepare it for selling if it is an eCommerce website. Install the appropriate plugins and prepare the website if it is an event management site.

Create Your First Funnels

Now that your site is up and running, you can start your first funnels. You can either create your own funnels or use templates to create them. Simply add your logic to the canvas and save it. Now you are ready to go.

Create More Funnels

Once you’re happy with the basic funnels, you can start to experiment with other funnels. You can add advanced logic and up-sell or cross-sell any item. WPFunnels can help you in every way to increase your sales and revenue.


Combining tools that are not related into one system is like mixing different ingredients together and hoping they taste good.

WPFunnels gives you everything you need to create stunning sales funnels within your WordPress dashboard.

Prepare for a new era in WordPress funnels! It’s easier than ever to increase sales on an eCommerce website.

These are the main features of WPFunnels. If you are looking to purchase it, we offer a wonderful alternative. Instead of directly buying WPFunnels, you can invest an Appclub membership. With Appclub, you can get more than 50 apps for the price of one. Look over the price section of Appclub and discover all its advantages.

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Studiocart App

Studiocart App



Studiocart is a WordPress plug-in that helps coaches, course creators, and service-based businesses create entire sales funnels in minutes. This plug-in does not require programming knowledge.

Get More With AppClub

This superstar App will arrive included with Appclub subscription.

What is

AppClub is a platform where you can get access to 50+ business-critical apps in one single package.

All Apps in One Dashboard

Access all 50+ apps from a single dashboard.

Hassle-Free Setup

Get all apps setup by your priorities.

Expert Support

Dedicate support available for every kind of issues or queries.

Features and Benefits of Studiocart

Your online store may be a sales machine, but it is not intelligent.

Your customers can’t be trusted to make the right decisions when shopping in your store. They need your help!

Studiocart allows you to customize and build your checkout features according to what is most important for your business and customers. You can create as many checkouts as you need with our platform. In addition, we offer a variety of payment options and advanced shipping rules. Studiocart’s most important feature is its ability to make ordering easy by providing customers with precisely what they need at every step of their purchasing journey.

Are your conversion rates low on your checkout page?

If you are a service provider or course creator, getting people to visit your site is part of the battle. You must convert those visitors into paying customers if you want them to make money.

Studiocart, a WordPress plug-in, helps you achieve this by providing tools to optimize your site’s checkout pages and sales funnels. It doesn’t require any technical knowledge or separate eCommerce tools.

We’ll share more information about Studiocart and how it can help optimize your checkout process and increase conversions in our Studiocart hands-on article.

What is Studiocart?

Studiocart is a WordPress plug-in that helps coaches, course creators, and service-based businesses create entire sales funnels in minutes. This plug-in does not require programming knowledge.

Studiocart was initially designed to create a simple sales funnel. However, Studiocart makes it easy for professionals of all levels to manage their businesses. Studiocart turns your online shop into a sales machine. In addition, Studiocart makes it easy to automate and manage your checkout process from your website.

This tool allows you to create high-converting checkout funnels without having to know any coding or have expensive design skills.

Studiocart offers many features that can help you automate and streamline your business, such as:

  • You can create discount codes and coupons.
  • Automated creation of cart abandonment email.
  • Social media integration tools
  • You can create custom fields for your customers and products.
  • Tracking, reporting, and analytics for e-commerce.
  • Automated product inventory management
  • One shortcode is all you need to create a shopping basket on any page of your website. This code can be added to any page and display a fully functional checkout.

Studiocart: Why?

There are many great e-commerce plug-ins on the market today. Each has its strengths and specific areas of focus. For example, Studiocart, one of the most recent additions to our list of sales funnels plug-ins, has helped almost 3,000 businesses increase their conversions.

Studiocart is a specialist in creating sales funnels to sell digital products and services. This is ideal for digital content creators or service providers who don’t want to use features such as shipping with WooCommerce and Shopify.

Studiocart’s intuitive interface makes it easy for small WordPress startups to take advantage of the free version. Studiocart’s one-page checkouts can be used to reinforce your brand, promote sales and run pre-scheduled promotions. You can also tailor payment options to your business.

After successfully selling Studiocart to your customers, you should create an aftersale thank-you page to cross-sell, upsell and generate repeat business.

Features and Benefits of Studiocart

Studiocart claims to be a WordPress plug-in that “helps coaches, course creators, and service-based business owners start selling in minutes.”

This all-in-one solution includes everything you need to sell online. It does not require an additional eCommerce plug-in such as WooCommerce. Instead, it’s an entirely standalone payment/checkout system.

You can see that the plug-in’s primary purpose is to help coaches, course creators, and service-based companies sell online optimally.

It’s not that you can’t use the plug-in if you don’t fit into these categories. On the contrary, the plug-in was designed for those specific use cases.

Let’s now look at the key features Studiocart offers to your website.

Optimized Check-out Page

Studiocart’s first significant feature is its optimized checkout pages, which allow you to sell any product type.

A variety of prebuilt templates are available for you to get started quickly. All of the templates are available here.

Studiocart can be used to sell almost any product, digital or physical. These are just a few examples:

  • Courses
  • Events
  • Coaching and other 1:1 services
  • Memberships
  • Retreats and conferences
  • Live workshops
  • Paid email series
  • Digital products (ebook, video, etc.)
  • Pretty much everything

Studiocart is an eCommerce solution that integrates a cart.

Studiocart is best used to sell one product at once, where the shopper begins their purchase on the sales page.

Studiocart, on the other hand, is not the best t for a traditional eCommerce system where shoppers add multiple items to their cart and then purchase all of them in one transaction.

Flexible Payment Options

Studiocart offers many payment options without needing third-party plug-ins, like WooCommerce.

You could offer:

  • One-time payments
  • Subscribe to recurring subscriptions
  • Payment plans – e.g., Three payments of $99
  • You can pay what you want
  • Sign up for one-time or free trials

Shoppers can also choose the payment method they prefer. For example, they could pay $500 once or three equal payments of $199.

Studiocart offers the following payment processor support:

  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Mollie
  • Razorpay
  • Cash payments are not available online

In the future, they will add additional payment processors. Therefore, your customers must have an easy way of purchasing products. However, you don’t have the time or energy to do this.

There is a solution. Studiocart has powerful tools to create customized payment options.

Studiocart allows you to give your customers the freedom they want when purchasing from your website. It is possible to set up multiple payment options, so no matter what financial situation a customer may have, he/she can make an easy purchase on your website.

You can offer subscriptions, installment plans, or one-time payments, depending on the product. It doesn’t matter if your product is digital or physical; the best way to determine the correct payment method. In addition, you can add custom fields to your order forms to gather address information.

Studiocart allows you to set up multiple payment options for your customers to choose the best one that suits their needs.

You can offer one-time payments or installment plans depending on your selling product.

Promoting sales can also be done by creating discounts that can be applied with a unique URL or a coupon code.


This feature is essential for increasing sales activity and attracting customers.

This plug-in allows you to add coupon code URL, discount type, and coupon duration. It also lets you share, apply a coupon via URL, and so forth.

You can upload bulk coupons using CSV files. You can also hide coupon fields from your checkout page.

Custom Fields

Studiocart lets you set up custom, default, combined, or combined Default Fields, Custom Fields, and Custom Fields with URL parameters.

This field can pass information from the custom fields to the URL.

You can combine Default Fields with Custom Fields to get both custom and default field information.

Subscribe to our Newsletter

When a customer purchases a product with recurring payments, they are considered a subscriber.

You can view subscriptions, customer information and the product purchased previously.

You can assign a subscription status to one of the following: active, canceled, or completed.

Studiocart makes it easy to cancel or manage your subscription.

Order Form Shortcode

You can add a shortcode to your WordPress website after creating a customer account page.

This account page can be shared with customers after you have added additional information.

You can then place orders, view order history, and see invoices.

2-Step Check-out

Studiocart offers three types of checkout.

  • Standard checkout form
  • 2-Step form
  • Opt-in Form

The 2-step form offers customization options such as the ability to customize the Headings or Subheadings and the Button Labels.

Step 1 forms collect customer information. Step 2 collects payment details and completes the order.

Multiple Discount option

You have a great product but are afraid it won’t sell.

For years, eCommerce websites have used the same marketing strategies. They sell their products and hope that this will bring people to the website. This strategy is sometimes successful, but it rarely works.

StudioCart allows you to easily create discount codes and personalized URLs using an online shopping cart plug-in. Your customers will be able to purchase directly from your website without the need for a coupon code at checkout. They can also share your links with their friends, so everyone wins! You can also increase sales by automatically creating discount codes according to customer behavior (like the purchase of items). This will ensure that you never miss a sale! Because it allows visitors to share coupons on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, they are great for increasing exposure.

Integrates with multiple tools that you use
You want your small business to offer the best service possible. But, unfortunately, there are only so many hours in a day, and you may not have the time or ability to do everything.

You own an online shop or membership site. You are looking to cut costs and save time while growing your business.

Studiocart is an extension that automates tasks such as sending confirmation emails after checkout and creating new subscriptions based on purchase history.

Integrations can also be made with third-party services like MailChimp and Zendesk. For example, it allows these services to trigger actions whenever products are purchased or returned at their stores. In addition, it gives users an extra level of personalization.

Cart Abandonment

Studiocart can help you create a cart abandonment sequence by creating product integrations with a Lead Captured trigger.

Conversion Optimizations and Sales Funnels

Studiocart can help you design complete sales funnels to optimize conversion rates.

  • Get bumps
  • Upsells and Downsells in a single click
  • Offer discounts and coupons

To capture more sales, you can also send reminders for abandoned carts.

You can create upsells or downsells by creating your path that links multiple products together in a hierarchy.

It is an example of how they can work.

An entirely standalone checkout solution

Studiocart is a standalone checkout system. It is a crucial point to remember. Studiocart is a standalone checkout solution that can be used to sell products.

Studiocart can be integrated with other tools if you need it to act as a checkout system for a plug-in or tool you already have.

Studiocart allows you to automatically enroll someone in a course or grant them access to private member content.

The following platforms are currently supported:

  • LearnDash
  • Teachable
  • Kajabi
  • TutorLMS
  • MemberVault
  • MemberPress
  • Prohibit Content
  • GuruCan
  • WP Courseware
  • Member of the Wishlist
  • Itthinx Groups

Studiocart could be used to sell access to your courses instead of LearnDash’s built-in checkout system. Studiocart will automatically enroll a student when they pay via Studiocart’s checkout.

    Integration with other services

    Studiocart integrates with many third-party services and the ones we have already mentioned.

    This includes many popular email marketing services.

    • ActiveCampaign
    • Mailchimp
    • MailPoet
    • ConvertKit
    • MailerLite
    • Drip
    • SendFox
    • Charge

    It also supports webhooks and integrates with Zapier. It allows you to connect to thousands more apps. The complete list of automation tools it supports is here:

    • Zapier
    • You can create some fantastic automation with Webhooks ( by WP Webhooks)
    • Integrate
    • Pabbly Connect
    • Uncanny Automator
    • Thrive, Automator,
    • KonnectzIT
    • Bit Integrations

    It also integrates with popular page builders to make it easier for you to design your funnel pages. You can also use the native WordPress editor.

    Advanced Funnel Building

    E-commerce shops have difficulty converting traffic into sales. This is because they don’t know how funnels work and rely on trial and error.

    StudioCart allows you complete control over your funnel. You can create it from scratch or choose one of our prebuilt templates. In addition, you can import a funnel already created from another platform.

    This plug-in allows you to create multiple steps within your funnel, with different options for each step. We’ll recognize where customers are at each stage of the process and send targeted emails to them based on their current stage. These tools will not only increase conversion rates but also help improve the average order value of all your products.

    There are many Checkout templates.

    Choosing the right checkout page in your eCommerce store can be difficult and tedious.

    StudioCart makes it simple! StudioCart’s checkout pages were designed with you in mind, no matter if you need something simple or packed full of features.

    StudioCart has everything you need. You can choose from Stripe Payments,, or PayPal to integrate with WooCommerce – StudioCart has the right payment gateway for you at an affordable price. You may also need a shopping cart. It’s possible! It can be integrated with any WordPress-compatible shopping cart plug-in, such as Wishlist Member and TutorLMS Integration. It allows you to focus on choosing the product that best suits your needs.

    Reporting and Order Management

    Once you start attracting some sales, Studiocart gives you a unified reporting dashboard to track sales, refunds, upsell/downsell/order bump effectiveness, and more:
    Access to orders and subscriptions will be available through dedicated interfaces. This allows you to stay in the loop about what’s going on on your site.

    Studiocart: How to create a sales funnel

    Let’s now learn more about the plug-in.

    These screenshots were taken using the premium plug-in. There is also a free option, and the experience will be the same. We’ll get into the pricing details later.

    1. Configure general settings

    After installing and activating Studiocart, you will need to configure the settings controlling how your checkout works. This includes which payment gateways you want to use, taxes, invoices, etc.

    These options can be accessed by visiting Studiocart – Settings.

    As you can see, the settings are broken into tabs. Each tab is logically organized.

    You can choose from any available payment options, such as cash on delivery, Stripe, and PayPal, by going to the Payment Methods tab.

    You can connect to many external services or plug-ins through the Integrations tab, including email marketing services and membership or course plug-ins/tools. Analytics tools include Google Analytics events and Facebook ad events.

    You can configure all emails your site sends you for different actions, such as refunds or new orders.

    You can enable VAT or custom tax rates in the Taxes tab. You can also create custom rates for some geographic regions to save time.

    The Invoices tab allows you to configure invoices you send to customers. This includes controlling the prefix, suffix, and general format.

    That’s all for general settings. You are now ready to start creating your first product.

    2. Make a product

    Studiocart can help you sell any product. For example, you could make a course, organize an event, or offer coaching sessions.

    This is the core functionality of the plug-in, so you have a lot to learn.

    Studiocart – Products – Add New Product is where you will create your product.

    You can edit the title and description of your product using the regular editor at the top. Next, you will see a variety of options in Product Settings, where you can customize the details of your product.

    You have many options, so you can control your product.

    These are just a few of the best options.

    • Payment Plans – Choose from the available payment options, e.g., One-time payments, recurring subscriptions, and/or payment plans.
    • Limitations on Purchase – These restrictions limit the sales of the product.
    • Formula Fields and Settings – Setup default fields and add your own if necessary.
    • Order Bumps – Allow one or more order bumps by linking an existing Studiocart Product.
    • Show upsell/down-sell options with the Upsell Path. These upsell/downsell hierarchies can be created in a separate interface.
    • Integrations – When someone buys this product, they can send information to another service.

    Here’s an example of how it looks to set up a payment plan.

    3. You can design pages using your favorite builder if you wish

    After you have created your product, you can create your checkout/funnel pages with your favorite builder. Elementor will be used in this example.

    You can do this by creating a new page as you would normally. You’ll find unique widgets in Elementor to include Studiocart data.

    You can still use the functionality of your builder for the rest of the design.

    Studiocart also allows you to import premade templates

    You can continue the process with other funnel pages, such as thank-you pages.

    To create thank you pages for thank you, go to the product settings and choose the page you wish to use.

    Studiocart Pricing

    Studiocart is available in two versions: a free version on and a premium version with more features.

    The free version may work if you only need a simple way to accept payments. To optimize conversions, however, the premium version is required.

    The dedicated Studiocart Pro page will show you all the differences in features. Here’s a summary of some of your most essential additions to the Pro version.

    • Order bumps, upsells and downsells
    • Cart abandonment tools
    • Two-step checkout
    • Support Coupon
    • You can create custom fields to collect information from your customers
    • Creation of a user account
    • Integrations with other services or plug-ins are possible

    Studiocart has three license options for premium versions. Each one can be paid monthly or annually.

    The same features are available for all three licenses. The only difference is the number you can use the plug-in on.

    • 1 site – $199/year or $19/month
    • 3 sites – $299/year or $29/month
    • 10 sites – $399/year or $39/month

    Here is the annual pricing:

    Here’s the monthly pricing.

    Studiocart’s current version will still function if you don’t renew it. However, you won’t be able to access support, updates, or the template library.

    Although the prices are slightly higher than average WordPress plug-ins, we believe they are competitive in this market.

    Another famous WooCommerce-based funnel builder costs $300 per year. ClickFunnels, on the other hand, can be expensive at hundreds of dollars per month.

    When the plug-in is configured correctly, the additional revenue you receive from upsells and order bumps should be more than the cost of the plug-in.

    Studiocart Final Thoughts

    Studiocart is designed to make selling easy and quick. Studiocart is different from other WordPress sales funnels. It doesn’t depend on WooCommerce. It allows you to create a lighter system and much more payment flexibility.

    It works well and will provide an excellent experience for your customers.

    hese are the main features of StuioCart. If you are looking to purchase it, we offer a wonderful alternative. Instead of investing that sum, you can purchase an Appclub membership. With this membership, you will access greater than fifty apps at the cost of just one. Look over the price section of Appclub and discover all the advantages.

    Studiocart can be used as a standalone checkout tool. However, it also has many integrations that you can use with existing membership plug-ins or online courses.

    One Membership - 50+ Business Apps

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    Dukaan is the easiest and most efficient way to launch, manage, and grow an online business.

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    Features and Benefits of Dukaan

    E-commerce platforms are increasing, and experts predict that they will continue to grow in the future. The current virus, which we all know is a catalyst for technological advancement and digitalization, has helped to make the future digital. Many shop owners, small-business owners, and homepreneurs are now trying to establish their online presence. Many people are curious about Dukaan App despite using Amazon and other apps. You don’t have to wonder about the same. Here are all the details.

    This comprehensive review of Dukaan shows you how to quickly and easily open an online shop. It also highlights some of the most compelling features that will make you want to start using the app immediately. So, let’s begin!

    Dukaan is the easiest and most efficient way to launch, manage, and grow an online business. You’ve lost many nights and fought for the right name. Name your store, pick a category and pray. Now it’s time for you to sell. Let the world know what you have to sell, add your products and set the price. We wish you all the best! Your store is now ready to go. Share and take orders. Dukaan allows you to create an eCommerce store that will impress your customers. Dukaan makes it easy to create excellent marketing materials for your store. For example, Dukaan allows you to attract more customers to your restaurant by offering a simple and easy-to-use table booking service. Choose from an extensive selection of templates and themes to make your store stand out. You can grow your online store by creating custom pages using readily available templates.

    This article will review Dukaan, an E-commerce store building tool. We will discuss its features, benefits, and lifetime price of it.

    What is Dukaan App?

    The Dukaan App was launched in May 2020. It is a DIY platform that allows merchants, retailers, and other users with no programming skills to create their e-commerce store in just 30 seconds. It allows over 2 million small- and medium-sized Indian businesses to launch, grow, market, and manage online businesses. This application follows the Vocal for Local Vision initiative by the honorable PM. This application allows small businesses in India to go online.

    Dukaan boasts more than 2M online stores and over 7M products across 40 business categories. The app covers over 2000 cities, and Dukaan has received over 700,000 orders. The app significantly impacts the country and makes “Digital India” a reality. The app is currently available in the Play Store and on desktop browsers.

    Dukaan is a type of store. Dukaan is a store or shop. It’s pretty strange. It’s a mobile app. It was published on a digital platform on May 2020. Everything was suspended during that time due to covid problems. The app provided new hope for the market in a time of limited resources. Local shopkeepers were forced to close shops, businesses, and food centers. With a simple click, residents can have all their basic needs met. Share your online Dukaan quickly over WhatsApp or another messaging network. Then you can sell items to anyone who places an online order or schedule your services online if you are a client.

    Another critical aspect of the ” Dukaan App” is its benefit to the Indian economy. You can mention it in terms of the crisis and the fact that the app was Indian. This has led to the empowerment of tens and thousands of small-scale businesses in India. The Dukaan App (do it yourself) platform allows anyone, including small business owners, entrepreneurs, merchants, and retailers, to create an e-commerce store from their home using no programming knowledge. In addition, Dukaan allows offline shops to sell their products and services online. This program allows small businesses in India to go online. This is a change from a few years back. Then, online shopping was only available to the biggest brands. Dukaan, however, has created over 2,000,000 online retailers. This allows small-scale DUKAANS to be connected and exposed to the digital internet. The app is available in over 2000 cities.

    The internet allows nearly 2 million small- and medium-sized businesses in India to set up, grow, market, and manage their operations. This app is perfect for this purpose. You can download the app to register your business, create a list, and open a store or restaurant. Customers will then be sent a link directly to your store via WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. This app does not require any programming skills. Furthermore, this app does not require a lot of maintenance or work. It’s as simple as that.

    Dukaan Features Overview

    Dukaan gives you all the tools to create an online shop and start selling to customers. Dukaan’s website version is always up-to-date, which will help you increase conversions and allow you to convert more customers into buyers. While quality products and a strong business idea are important for any company to succeed, choosing a network that best represents your brand is equally important.

    You need to choose a platform that suits your business needs and goals if you want to become a successful business owner. These key Dukaan features will help you launch a flourishing online store selling shoes, t-shirts, groceries, handmade items, and other products. In addition, Dukaan offers endless growth opportunities.

    In-Depth Analysis

    There are no hidden fees. You can keep track of your sales and market share with total data visibility directly integrated into your dashboards. However, setting up an online shop and managing it can be difficult. It requires a substantial investment, such as buying the domain and hosting plan. Many eCommerce tools and plugins can also be used to manage daily transactions efficiently.

    Customizable Themes

    With Dukaan, you can take your business to the next level. Choose from a range of Dukaan templates and themes to give your store an individual look.

    Easy To Interface

    Dukaan is designed to be used by people with all levels of technical skill, including novices and experts. This is because the platform’s navigation and design are easy to use.

    It has an intuitive design, so you don’t have to be there to see the dashboard. The software’s interface is intuitive and includes reminders to help new business owners learn terms such as RTO and concepts such as SEO.

    Third-Party Plugins

    Dukaan’s program manages all its customers’ business needs. The program’s inbuilt plugins expand the app’s capabilities, perform similar manual operations, and let you personalize your storefront’s look and feel.

    It has many useful features that can be used to sell products, handle business transactions, or advertise them on social media. You don’t need to search for additional resources or integrate them into your platform. Major apps such as Dunzo, Hello Bar and Razorpay, MailChimp, and many others, are already integrated. This allows you to save time, money, and effort, and it can all be used for better purposes.

    Plugin Addons

    Dukaan is a complete solution for small businesses that want to eliminate tedious administrative tasks. You don’t need to know any technical details. Many plugins can be used to enhance performance or add extra features.

    These plugins provide additional features with minimal effort.

    It can help you manage everything, from shipping and payments to sales and marketing. It allows you to automate any task with its built-in plugins. This lets you concentrate on what is important – running your business.

    You can choose from various pre-configured plugins that cover nearly every aspect of your business. You can integrate, for example, your accounting software, website builder and CRM, and your payment gateway.

    Custom Domain Name

    Many eCommerce platforms include their names in their URLs, which draws users’ attention away from the company and toward their platforms. Dukaan is a different platform. You have complete control over the domain name. You have the freedom to choose a memorable name that stands out from your competition. This allows your clients to identify and interact with your brand quickly.

    Real-Time Changes

    Every action taken from the dashboard will be immediately visible on your storefront.

    Dukaan Plugins

    You can extend the functionality of eCommerce stores with plugins. Dukaan has 46 plugins that can be used to extend the functionality of your eCommerce store. Here’s a list of some of the most requested.

    • Amazon Reviews Management, Bag Control, Countdown Timer, and HelloBar.
    • Customer Service: WhatsApp Support, Jivochat. UserLike. Zendesk Chat.
    • Marketing: All-in-One SEO. MailChimp. OptinMonster. OptiMonk. PopupSmart.
    • Analytics: Hotjar, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc.
    • Utilities: CookieBot, CookieYes, etc.

    It’s easy to add plugins to your online store. You can limit the plugins that you use. It won’t add unnecessary bloatware to your website and will not slow down your website speed.

    Percent Discount

    You can create coupon codes that offer a specific percentage discount for all users. You also have the option to specify the discount percentage and maximum discount, as well as the minimum order value for which the coupon will be valid.

    Easy Onboarding Process

    Dukaan makes it simple for entrepreneurs to set up an online eCommerce store. The fact that you only need a working telephone number to set up your storefront makes it easy.

    This platform aims to simplify all aspects of the process, such as multiple ways to submit a product listing, integration of staff accounts for better shop administration, development and customization of various landing pages, etc. In addition, you can view, investigate, and control the platform’s features from one dashboard. Once you have mastered the control panel, it is easy to use the platforms.

    Payment Gateway Integrations

    Dukaan is a tool that can increase your sales by offering simple and seamless payment options for your online store.

    Support Of Business Tools

    Dukaan software eliminates the need for additional marketing knowledge to grow a company. As a result, you can quickly build your business without learning many marketing skills.

    Easy To Set Up

    Dukaan was created to make it easy for anyone to start an online business. It is easy to create your online store. After downloading the app, you should be able to get up and running quickly.

    Combined With All eCommerce Tools

    Dukaan provides all the eCommerce tools you need to launch, manage, and grow your online business. Dukaan makes it easy to create your eCommerce website, whether you are just starting out or already have one.

    Store Personalization

    Your online store can be customized to your liking. Dukaan app offers five stunning themes you can use on your website.

    You can personalize each theme’s header, product images, and fonts. In addition, you can add a menu to your store and pages such as About Us, Contact Us, or Privacy Policy.

    Works For Any Business

    Dukaan offers thousands of pre-made templates for companies so that you can get up and running your online shop in no time. But, instead of focusing on the small details, focus on the essential things, like expanding your business or attracting new customers.

    Acquire New Customers Easily

    The first step is to get your online store started. Dukaan is all in and will assist you in growing your company with solid integrations with services or plugins that will help to attract new clients, engage them, and keep them satisfied.

    Manage Your Business Anywhere

    Dukaan offers both web and mobile platforms. This allows you to manage your online presence conveniently from anywhere at any time. You can manage your shipping, order processing, product additions, payments, and payment from your smartphone.

    Dukaan Delivery

    After we’ve created our online store and added products, the question is: how will customers be shipped their products? Well, it’s easy. You have two options: choose a delivery partner or use the Dukaan Delivery system.

    They have partnered with reputable courier companies to provide hassle-free and smooth shipping at reasonable rates. You only need to enter your address and personal details to have all products shipped to you.

    Easy On Price

    Dukaan has all the features you need to build a sophisticated eCommerce online store. Moreover, it’s a fraction of what it costs to do so. You don’t need to spend a lot to open an online store.

    Manage Orders

    The Orders tab tracks all orders placed in your shop. You can accept or deny orders from customers by using the dashboard. The tabs at the top allow you to track the status of various products – Accepted/Accepted, Shipped/Delivered, etc. You can also arrange the results in a list/grid format and download a report on all orders in your store.

    Add Products to Dukaan App

    Dukaan makes it easy to add a product. You only need to add product information and upload images. It allows you to generate product descriptions using its Description Generator tool. This tool also uses AI to suggest relevant images for your products. It is imposing!

    Custom Pages

    Create customized pages that you can use with easily accessible templates to expand your online store.

    Staff Accounts

    You can add employees, friends, or partners to your business to help you grow it. They only need to have the information that you require.

    Global Shipping

    In just a few clicks, you can ship products around the globe using our seamless logistics operation.

    Android / iOS App

    Create a mobile app that allows customers to purchase immediately and build loyalty.

    Discount Coupons

    A must-have feature for any eCommerce store is discount coupons. These coupons help you to attract more customers and increase your popularity and profit.

    Dukaan allows you to create three types of discount coupons that your customers can use. You can also set the coupon’s validity period and allow you to use it multiple times. Let’s take a look at each one.

    Flat Discount

    Flat Discount Coupon codes provide a fixed discount on the order value of the customer. You can choose the discount amount, validity period, and minimum order value to which the discount will apply.

    Buy X Get Y Discount

    These coupons are some of the best available on the Dukaan app.

    You can choose how many items the customer must buy and which items would be free. This coupon can be used on any product or selected products and categories

    Custom Domains

    Dukaan app gives you multiple options for domains. If you already have a domain name, you can add your existing domain to your Dukaan website. Dukaan also offers the option to purchase a custom domain.

    You can also use the free sub-domains included with their premium plans if you don’t want to purchase a custom domain.

    Dukaan Campaigns

    The Campaigns feature will be a great tool to reach a wider audience with your products.

    There are many options available to you for creating marketing campaigns. These options include SMS Broadcast, WhatsApp Broadcast, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads.

    Although I didn’t test this feature much, I will be using it and publishing updates here.

    Store Analytics

    Store Analytics is currently in Beta. This feature gives you a snapshot of your store’s performance. The following tabs allow you to view store statistics:

    Sales Tab

    The Sales tab displays the average order value, daily sales, and returning customers.

    It also shows graphs of total orders and total sales every day. In addition, detailed reports can be viewed for the same.

    Traffic Tab

    The Traffic tab shows data about store visits, returning visitors, and a donut chart showing total views by device type.

    Products Tab

    The Products tab records the average view per category and product, product views, as well as top sales categories, top products, and top units sold.

    You can filter all tabs by date – today, tomorrow, or this week – or add any custom range. The analytics feature is my favorite way to track your store and analyze its growth.

    Inventory Management

    Automatically update inventory, deliver orders, and return inventory with this inventory management tool.

    Restaurant Dining

    Dukaan offers the benefit of helping you increase the number of customers at your restaurant through an easy-to-use seat booking system.

    Excellent Customer Support

    Dukaans customer service team is available to assist customers 24 hours a day, seven days a săptămână. They can be reached via phone, email, live chats, or social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook Messenger. They aim to resolve any issues that you might encounter quickly. Dukaan is available to assist you with any product reviews or issues.

    The Benefits of Dukaan

    • Dukaan makes it easy to launch an online store and sell within minutes.
    • Select a store name and upload your inventory. Then, auto-generate product descriptions.
    • Connect with a third-party payment gateway to accept online orders from anywhere worldwide.
    • Dukaan stores increase conversions by speeding up checkout. This improves customer conversions.
    • With the platform’s simplified checkout, you can offer your customers a seamless shopping experience in just three steps.
    • Customize your eCommerce website’s appearance with professionally designed templates.
    • These plugins can improve checkout conversions, analyze delivery and shipment statistics, and create email lists.
    • Get flat-rate, percentage-off, and one-for-one sales Customers may pay using Stripe or PayPal.
    • This software allows consumers to make cash-on-delivery payments.
    • Dukaan does not have transaction fees, so each sale is more profitable.
    • Make your online store a white-label Android application in minutes. Consumers can shop from anywhere.
    • Get an AAB file to publish your e-commerce app on Google Play.
    • It takes just a few mouse clicks to get your store online. You can choose your store name and upload your products quickly to your store.
    • Dukaan generates descriptions automatically using industry-standard terms so your customers can find what they are looking for in our search bar and category pages.
    • You can choose from a variety of payment options so that you can reach customers all around the globe. To receive payments, you can use Stripe and Paypal. Cash-on-delivery is also available.
    • Absolute zero transaction fees
      It takes just a few mouse clicks to get your store online. You can choose your store name and upload your products quickly to your store.
    • Dukaan generates descriptions automatically using industry-standard terms so your customers can find what they are looking for in our search bar and category pages.
    • You can choose from a variety of payment options so that you can reach customers all around the globe. To receive payments, you can use Stripe and Paypal. Cash-on-delivery is also available.
    • Absolute zero transaction fees
    • Create a seamless user experience in your store for everyone who visits it!
    • Create your themes and branding for your store.
    • You can install many plugins to enhance the functionality of your store. Many plugins will help you track your store analytics, boost checkout conversions and manage shipping and delivery. You can also build email lists and automate your email marketing.
    • Create your discount coupons for higher conversions
    • Make your store an Android app, and it will appear in Google’s Play Store.
    • Send potential customers to your store via messaging apps.
    • Cart recovery feature
    • A plethora of marketing tools
    • A collection of themes and plugins to personalize your online store

    How to Set up Your Business on Dukaan

    Dukaan lets you create your eCommerce software in just minutes. You can also launch an easy-to-use eCommerce marketplace without any transaction fees. You only need to follow five steps to set up your store using Dukaan’s online builder. Let’s take a look at them:

    STEP 1: Download Dukaan App

    Download the Dukaan app on your smartphone. Or, visit the official Dukaan website.

    STEP 2: Dukaan Login

    After downloading the app, you must sign in with your mobile number and verify the OTP. You can also sign in using your email address to get started.

    STEP 3: Dukaan Business Details

    Select your country, business name, and business category in this step.

    STEP 4: Add Your First Product

    This step allows you to add your products to your online eCommerce shop. You can also add descriptions, photos, and prices. You can also add authentic goods to your online store.

    STEP 5: Finish Your Store Design

    To change the look and feel of your store, you can use the appearance icon to the left.

    What Separates Dukaan From Other Tools?

    Good products and a solid business model are essential to success. However, choosing a platform that best represents your brand is equally important. This is an essential factor that plays more frequently than you might think.

    Each business owner must carefully select a platform that will meet all of their future needs.


    Let’s look at the key features and merits of Dukaan that make it an excellent platform for running a successful online company.

    No Hidden Expenses

    It is not easy to set up an eCommerce store. It requires a significant investment to buy the domain, hosting plan, and various eCommerce tools and plugins to smoothly manage daily transactions.

    This model is unsuitable for small businesses looking to branch out in the initial phase.

    Dukaan is transparent about its payment methods, unlike other eCommerce platforms.

    Dukaan offers three pricing plans tailored explicitly to agencies’ and entrepreneurs’ needs. These plans are available monthly or annually.

    • Entrepreneur: Dukaan’s basic eCommerce plan is 9.99/month or $99.99/year. It caters to small business owners as well as influencers. This plan includes an online store, five staff accounts, 500 Dukaan credits, 24/7 support, a free SSL certificate, and all the basics you need to get started. This plan allows you to list unlimited products and manage orders. It also comes with all the plugins, themes, and other benefits.
    • Agency: This platform’s mid-tier plan was designed to meet the needs of agencies and D2C brands, and businesses with multiple employees. This plan costs $49.99/month or $499.99/year and extends the Entrepreneur plan. It has more extensive features. This plan allows you to host up to 10 online shops and receive a store AAB file. There are also 1000 Dukaan credits, ten staff accounts, and the ability to create a store.
    • Enterprise: This plan is the third most detailed and appealing to large companies. The Dukaan team can help you finalize the details of the plan. This plan includes all components of the agency plan as well as powerful features such as custom themes and CRM integrations.

    The premium version includes all the features, which is the cherry on top. The three plans allow everyone to subscribe to the plan that best suits their needs, budget, and business model.

    For the first 14 days of the app’s free trial, anyone can explore its premium features and make sure they are happy with their experience.

    Hassle-Free Onboarding Process

    Dukaan makes it easy for business owners to create a dynamic eCommerce store. This process is easy because you only need a mobile number to set up your storefront.

    The platform is designed to make it easier for customers to upload product catalogs and add staff accounts to help with store management, create landing pages, and optimize them.

    All functions of the platform can be viewed and explored from one dashboard. In addition, the control panel is easy to use once you are familiar with it.

    Easy To Use Interface

    Dukaan is designed for people with different technical skills. The platform’s design and navigation are intuitive.

    The app’s layout is so simple that you don’t have to spend time looking through it. In addition, the app’s contents are easy to understand, and prompts are available to help new business owners when concepts such as SEO or business jargon are introduced.

    People with no technical skills can feel confident and comfortable using the platform to manage their stores. This can give small businesses and new business owners a boost.

    Built-in Plugins

    Dukaan’s app caters to all business needs. In addition, it has plugins that increase the app’s capacity, automate repetitive manual tasks, and personalize the store’s look and feel.

    It has all the essential features you need to list products, manage business transactions and promote them on various social media channels.

    Integrations of popular apps such as Dunzo, Hello Bar, and Razorpay make it easy to find additional resources and integrate them into your platform. This allows you to save time, money, and effort and be more productive.


    Are you tired of the look and feel of your website? Dukaan allows you to customize your site in just one click! Site design and visual appeal are key factors in attracting people to stay on the site longer. It is no secret that a visually appealing site creates a positive user experience and increases conversions.

    The platform offers a wide range of templates and promotional designs, including well-thought-out CTAs, to help you revamp the look of your store. You don’t have to hire a designer whenever you want to customize your website according to your preferences and tastes.

    This customization extends beyond the store’s user interface. For example, Dukaan can change the store’s name at any time. This is especially useful for those who want their business name to reflect their current status or growth. 

    Choose Your Domain Name

    Many eCommerce platforms include their names in their URLs, shifting customers’ attention from the business to their platforms. 

    Dukaan also breaks from this convention. You have complete control over your domain name. You can choose a name that is memorable and easy to remember. This will help your customers instantly connect with your brand.

    Real-Time Changes Application

    Every business owner knows the truth about “Time is money.” Any modifications you make to the dashboard are immediately available on the platform. This means there is no waiting around for your changes to appear on your storefront.

    Business Tools Suite

    Using the Dukaan app is no longer necessary to have a solid understanding of marketing to succeed with a business.

    Business tools can generate product descriptions, slogans, and QR codes, which will help you grow your business holistically.

    24/7 Customer Support

    It’s normal to want to resolve a problem quickly when you come across one in your store.

    Dukaan’s customer service is available round-the-clock via phone, live chat, or social media. This allows you to reach them for immediate resolution. This is particularly important if your store serves customers from different time zones.

    Is Dukaan App Safe?

    Dukaan Software, a DIY platform, allows merchants, inventors, and anyone without programming skills to set up an online store. In addition, the Dukaan app allows brick-and-mortar companies to sell their products or services online.

    This application allows small Indian businesses to go online. This was rare just a few short years ago. Then, online purchases were limited to the most famous brands. Dukaan has created over 2,000,000 online shops. This allows small-scale Dukaans to connect with the internet and introduces them to the digital world.

    Dukaan makes it easy to set up online payments for your store. This allows your customers to pay online, and you can get the balance in your bank accounts. You can also change your options, such as giving your shop a new name, adding a logo, changing your street address, etc.

    Dukaan offers many additional tools to help you build a successful online business. You can get special discounts, a QR code to share your store’s URL, a customer list, and marketing graphics to promote your shop.

    The team keeps the product updated and provides free tools. For example, the team recently released a free slogan generator, a privacy policy generator, and an invoice generator.

    It is a 100% Indian startup poised to change India’s online market. Dukaan is the easiest way to start your online business.

    Dukaan Pricing Plans

    The app was initially free to download when it was released. The program is now available for desktop support.

    Dukaan has started charging for its use. A small fee of Rupees 10 is charged per order for convenience and home delivery.

    Dukaan doesn’t offer home delivery. Instead, they have partnered with Shiprocket and Dunzo to handle the delivery. Although they do not provide delivery services, they can help you manage your cargo with their plugins.

    Dukaan App offers 3 pricing plans. It also offers a home delivery service at a minimal fee of 10 rupees. Dukaan can be downloaded online and is free to download. All new customers receive a 14-day trial. You can choose to cancel at any time. You can upgrade to a paid edition if you want to continue working on your store.

    These are the pricing plans offered by Dukaan Company to suit your business needs:

    Entrepreneur Plan – $9.99/mo or $99.99/Year (For Small Businesses And Influencers).
    • One online store
    • Unlimited products
    • Order management
    • Get store APK
    • Payment gateway integration
    • Marketing tools
    • Free SSL certificate
    • Abandoned cart recovery
    • Discount codes
    • Themes
    • Plugins
    • 24/7 support
    • Five staff accounts
    Agency Plan – $49.99/mo Or 499.99/Year (For Agencies, D2C Brands, And Multiple Teams)
    • All in Entrepreneur, plus
    • Ten online stores
    • Get store AAB file (Play store)
    • Ten store staff accounts
    Enterprise Plan Custom (Customized plans for large businesses)
    • All in Agency, plus
    • Custom-made themes
    • Custom CRM integrations
    • Large enterprises may have other requirements.

    All plans come with lifetime cloud hosting and SSL security to protect your online store.

    The tier 1 plan offers only one online store and no app support. However, the Tier 2 plan allows ten store creations and app publishing via the Playstore or Apple IOS.

    There is also a sixty-day money-back guarantee for all plans. If you aren’t satisfied with Contentfries (which is unlikely), you can return it within 60 days of purchase. The total amount will be refunded without any questions.

    Pros & Cons

    Like any platform, this one has its advantages and disadvantages.


    • For Rs.10, you can get home delivery from your local supermarket. All items will be delivered to your home and paid for by you.
    • No third parties are involved.
      Acceptable payment options include cash on delivery and credit/debit card. Customers are therefore free from inconvenience.
    • The economic and social implications have been immense. Small business owners have found a way to boost their businesses by creating a digital platform on the market.
    • These are some of the most powerful marketing tools available. They include store timings, invoice generators, order forms, discount coupons, and online payments.


    • Not all business categories are represented.
    • Internet access requires a device that is accessible and user-friendly.


    Dukaan is an excellent platform for sellers who want to offer a seamless shopping experience on their online store.

    There are checks that the platform uses to address common issues such as cart abandonment building a customer base, quality lead generation, order verification, and auto-verification. This makes it easier to manage an eCommerce store, which can be daunting and time-consuming.

    Dukaan’s greatest strength is its ability to do more than it has. Dukaan has created an environment where entrepreneurs feel supported and empowered no matter how small or large their business is.

    You can subscribe to Appcloud for accessing Dukan app. App cloud is a platform that lets you develop, deploy, and manage your apps. An app cloud is a platform that allows you to build, deploy and manage your applications. It makes it simple for businesses to quickly develop and deploy apps.

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    Berrycast App

    Berrycast App



    Berrycast is the best tool for screencasting. It is easy to use, has flawless onboarding, can quickly record to your computer, share to any platform, protect your content using a password, access all your videos, and create a folder for better video organization.

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    What is

    AppClub is a platform where you can get access to 50+ business-critical apps in one single package.

    All Apps in One Dashboard

    Access all 50+ apps from a single dashboard.

    Hassle-Free Setup

    Get all apps setup by your priorities.

    Expert Support

    Dedicate support available for every kind of issues or queries.

    Features and Benefits of BerryCast

    BerryCast Overview

    It’s amazing that people still send multiple emails and print lengthy documents for customers or colleagues in today’s world.

    These old methods not only take up time but are also harmful to the environment. Aren’t we tired of having to deal with printer jams?

    Berrycast can help you solve these problems and make your presentation more enjoyable! This Berrycast review will explain everything you need to know about Berrycast and how it can help launch your Hollywood career. Of course, it’s not true, but you’ll be able to create epic videos for your team, not the Oscars.

    Screen recorder app for supercharging your communications. Find the easiest way to communicate at work. You may be wondering what a screen recorder is. It is the best way to explain something online. Berrycast is the best tool for screencasting. It is easy to use for everyone. It is easy to use, has flawless onboarding, can quickly record to your computer, share to any platform, protect your content using a password, access all your videos, and create a folder for better video organization.

    BerryCast allows you to simultaneously record and edit your screen, audio, and camera. In addition, this app can be used to create online videos that are comparable to in-person explanations.

    Berrycast allows for more effective collaboration by recording screen recordings clearly showing what you mean.

    BerryCast allows you to create videos in a simple way that doesn’t require technical knowledge. You can easily record your video and share it with clients, coworkers, or colleagues via Outlook, Microsoft Teams, or your URL.

    BerryCast helps you find the best way to communicate with your coworkers. A screen recording may sound familiar. Screen recording is the best way to explain something online. You can easily record the screen for voice or video in just three clicks. It’s simple to use, and it tastes delicious. Berrycast is the right choice if you have ever been in a difficult situation. You may have used this product before. It’s easy to do. You might find the following information familiar. It’s time for you to upgrade your screen recording software. Trust us; you don’t have to be a tech wiz to fall in love with our about-rock-your- world screen recording platform.

    Ever wonder how simple it would be to record your screen with software that doesn’t produce pixelated outputs?

    It’s happened to all of us. Sometimes it can be frustrating to get low-quality video after recording for hours.

    The worst part is that it can crash anytime or slow down your computer even more.

    A screen-recording program capable of recording good results is essential for any content creator or marketer looking to create tutorial videos.

    If you create the best videos possible for your viewers, you can expect to have more of them in the future.

    Consider this: Everyone doesn’t like to see blurry videos because they give the impression that the content is outdated or doesn’t offer much value.

    What’s Berrycast?

    Screen recording app that will boost your communication. Find the easiest way to communicate at work. You may be wondering what a screen recording is. This is the closest thing you can get to explaining something in person online. It’s easy to record the screen for voice and video in 3 clicks. It’s easy to try; it’s delicious! Berrycast is for you if you have ever found yourself in a situation where you thought, “Man, this would be so much easier to explain in person.” Have you ever used something like this? It’s not hard to do. You’re due for a screen recorder upgrade if the above sounds familiar. These are just a few examples of Berrycast’s benefits. Let us know if you discover another use for Berrycast so we can feature it!

    This is the best tool for teachers, salespeople, marketers, support staff, and anyone who wants to improve their communication, lesson plans, and presentations with video explanations.

    You can create powerful videos with BerryCast by screen recording, came, and audio simultaneously.

    Just hit record and share the BerryCast link with your clients and coworkers. Communicate easily with clients by using your branding. Send videos using your logo and colors. BerryCast makes it easy to stop sending emails and stands out from the rest. It also allows you to connect with your clients more effectively through BerryCast. BerryCast can also be used in Microsoft Teams.

    The widget can hover and screen recorded by clicking the record button. Users can then complete the recording using the done button. In addition, Berrycast offers a share box that allows users to send videos via email or links. Berrycast also has a video library that will enable users to add passwords, organize videos in folders, and download MP4 versions.

    Berrycast makes it easy to send long emails and presentations. In addition, Berrycast makes it easy to communicate with anyone with one click.

    Videos can easily be shared on any platform. They can also be password-protected and organized with video organization folders.

    You can share information quickly and easily in video format. However, you can also make it more attractive. This seamless screen recorder allows you to add backgrounds and other images.

    Berrycast is an innovative way for teachers and salespeople to improve their communication, lessons, and presentations using video. You can also send videos with your branding to promote your work and get feedback.

    Who Can Use BerryCast?

    Berrycast allows anyone to securely store and share video messages. As a result, your coworkers, clients, and potential clients will all love watching your presentation in a fun, engaging way.

    These examples will give you an idea of the value Berrycast can bring to your business.


    Online learning is big. Online learning is booming. You could be a teacher at school, a lecturer at college, or start your own tutoring company. One thing is certain, no matter what type of teaching you provide. Students should have access to high-quality online learning materials.

    Berrycast screen recording software makes it easy to connect with students. Because videos can be shared with students by sharing one link, it’s easy to do this.

    You can see how to explain complex topics and homework in a tutorial. Students can view videos as many times as they want. As a result, they can understand complex material better and save time by not asking for additional help.

    Medical Professionals

    Healthcare professionals are increasingly using video technology to communicate with patients. Studies have shown that more than 96% view video consultations as an acceptable method of consulting patients.

    Berrycast allows medical professionals to give patients a human touch. Patients can securely share videos to receive advice, instruction, or reassurance.

    Making videos for patients can be a great way to give them a boost.


    Berrycast is not only for teachers; it’s also great for students. To maximize learning, lessons can be viewed repeatedly.

    It is much easier to manage group projects. For example, project members can make a video to communicate what part of the project is being worked on and what is expected of them.

    Students can make it easier to manage important projects and assignments by using seamless screen records. Students can create powerful videos from their computer screens, sharing what they are doing. The group members can reply by creating their own videos in the discussion thread.

    Sometimes, a video reply doesn’t need to be made. Instead, you can use the comment box to reply to the video’s creator.

    Personal Use

    Making videos can help you improve your skills. You can record meetings, tutorials, and other events to view later.

    You can also practice your presentation skills by making videos of yourself. A video is a great way to practice presenting to a class if you have a job that requires presentations. You can see how you manage to maintain eye contact, use appropriate gestures and stay composed.

    You will be amazed at the progress you make from the first video to the last once you have compiled a set of these videos.

    BerryCast Features

    You can record amazing videos in only a few minutes. In addition, you can use this page to record screen, audio, and cam recordings to present your ideas to clients.

    With BerryCast, you can explain complicated concepts, create a tutorial or add a personal touch to your emails with customers.

    Screen recordings and videos can help you minimize mistakes and miscommunications. You can also upload product how-to videos. And explain queries in detail via email.

    Record your video and share it with your clients through Outlook, Microsoft Teams, or your BerryCast URL.

    You don’t need technical skills to record a video or an intro video. BerryCast makes it easy to solve long-winded explanations and complicated email threads.

    With a detailed tutorial about your platform or product, you can give your clients updates on their projects. Videos to accompany your emails can take your sales to the next level.

    BerryCast’s teaching experience is exceptional in providing complete lessons, explaining assignment solutions, and giving visual and verbal feedback.

    This platform was specifically designed for screen and video recording. You can simultaneously record screen, audio, and video.

    You can turn off the front-facing camera to record your screen with audio.

    You can increase sales by sharing dynamic visuals with clear sound with colleagues, clients, and others. The platform features visual elements and a human touch, with the camera showing various features.

    A user-friendly screen recorder app with advanced and easy features.

    Screen Recording

    Screen recording simply records everything happening on a computer.

    Screen recording is a great way to share instructions and let your audience see the information the same way you do.

    People use screen recording to demonstrate how they do things. This screen recording is usually for tutorials that they post online or for classes.

    This is a great presentation tool because it doesn’t require that much effort. For example, you can add voiceovers or captions to make things clearer for your audience.

    Companies love to use this software to share information between their screens. It makes it easier for everyone to understand.

    Screen recording is much easier than screen capture. It only requires one click.

    Many educators like to record their screens and simultaneously record themselves. This method is extremely effective in teaching students.

    Instead of showing them an uninteresting presentation, why not include you in the video?

    Make lots of video content.

    Since the creation of this function, screen recording has allowed people to create unlimited content.

    Sometimes, people capture videos to watch while reviewing a video.

    Instructors can use this method to make suggestions and comments on students’ work.

    You can also create how-to guides for your product to make it more understandable to your customers.

    The Manual printed guides are limited. A video recording is always more effective.

    Provide technical assistance

    If your company sells products or services that require technical assistance, this function can also be very helpful.

    Instead of having a one-on-1 video call with your customer, you can record a screen showing them how to troubleshoot.

    If you experience the same thing as your customer, you can send them the same video.

    Record videos from other apps

    People are often entertained by others who live stream themselves playing games.

    You don’t have to stream live, but you can record yourself with software and upload it to your channel.

    It can be hard to decide which software you should use, as some software are expensive and have very limited features.

    Berrycast can bring you high-quality videos from your screen while simultaneously recording yourself.

    Unlimited Video Storage

    Video storage is now unlimited. Record as many videos as you like.

    Password Protection

    You are looking for password protection that protects your private information and keeps it safe for the right people. BerryCast offers top-of-the-line password security features to help protect your content. This ensures that your confidential information is kept private and only accessible to authorized personnel.

    Some Extra Key Features

    • Full screen and selected-area recording allow you to quickly send messages and instructions to your team members.
    • Conversation Threads Collaborate quickly with your team members with discussion threads within BerryCast.
    • Internal audio (Windows only) Share sound in your screen recordings
    • Webcam
    • Password Protection: Protect your screen recordings from team members with passwords.
    • Video organization folders
    • Quick sharing tool
    • Full-screen Webcam
    • Share recording via email
    • No FPS limitation
    • No BerryCast watermark
    • Video trimming
    • BerryCast – Set up custom branding and a customized domain name
    • BerryCast lets you see who viewed your video and how many views it has received.
    • Upload your video on BerryCast, or upload it on different platforms.

    Benefits Of Using Berrycast

    Berrycast is a great tool for communicating your message clearly and concisely. Here’s a list of why Berrycast is the best communication method.


    BerryCast can help you create marketing videos your customers can use to promote products.

    Saves Money

    All businesses need to make profits. Minimizing losses is a surefire way to increase profits. Unfortunately, human error is the leading cause of financial losses for businesses.

    Citigroup, a banking giant, accidentally sent $900,000,000. The courts are currently deciding that the money cannot be returned. Data errors have caused a loss of $3.1 trillion in the United States.

    Video messages are essential!

    Video sharing makes it much easier to understand complex concepts and other information. In addition, watching the video can help colleagues learn more than just reading pages.

    You can tailor each video to your information. For example, the viewer will find the experience more interesting if they can add appropriate audio and images. This reduces the chance of misinterpretation that could result in financial loss.


    This pin is about BerryCast, the best software for creating videos for B2B products. A person can create a lasting impression online or offline in just seven seconds. Your role as a brand representative is to present your company in a positive light. BerryCast can be found here.

    Boost Efficiency

    Imagine this: You need to share your latest idea with your team. You spend hours creating a document that outlines everything your team needs to know. Add diagrams and step-by-step directions to the document, then proofread it several times.

    The next step is to share the document via email with all team members and respond to multiple emails from each team member to answer different questions.

    How long will this take?

    You may have spent many hours creating the document and answering every email. In addition, you could spend hours reviewing and understanding the document before your team emails their questions.

    The Mckinsey Institute found that 28% of workers spend their time reading and responding to emails.

    Berrycast technology can dramatically reduce the time spent on email. You don’t have to spend hours crafting every detail in a document!

    You can now click one button to record a clear, understandable video message. In addition, you can add graphics to emphasize points or show what the team needs.

    Berrycast software allows you to have your team respond by video to any questions. This saves you time and eliminates the need to reply to each email individually. Once you have all your questions, you can then create a video response to each question. Magic!

    Reduce Meeting

    This pin can help you reduce the number of meetings in your business. BerryCast allows you to capture your screen and share it with those unable to attend.


    SaaS is a game that almost everyone can play. As a result, people are constantly looking for ways to grow their businesses, increase their reach, or expand their status.

    BerryCast allows you to promote SaaS products through a screen capture program. For example, you can create videos using a screen capture tool. These videos can be used to showcase your product to thousands of people.

    • Increase SaaS sales;
    • More Accessibility;
    • More Shareability;
    • More Engagement;

    Enhance Remote Working

    Remote working has become more popular because of global circumstances. As a result, many companies embrace the benefits of working from home and its possibilities.

    It can be difficult to collaborate with colleagues when everyone is home. This is especially true if your workforce spans the globe!

    Software apps such as Berrycast allow teams to communicate seamlessly with one another. This also means that time zones are no barrier to communication.

    Berrycast allows users to create video messages and then upload them to each other. Then, if necessary, each video can be responded to by video.

    Berrycast lets users organize videos into folders. This amazing feature allows each project to have its folder, allowing team members and clients to stay on top of the latest information. In addition, you can password-protect specific content to restrict access to only authorized users.

    BerryCast Pricing Overview

    Berrycast is completely free to try. You can do this for 14 days without any cost. Three plans are available after the free trial: Starter, Pro and Enterprise.

    Starter plan

    The Starter plan costs nothing and is perfect for personal use. Up to 10 videos per month can be made, taken notes, and edited. All this for nothing!

    Berrycast is giving 20% off your Pro Plan Subscription. You can also try it for free for 14 days. Follow my link!

    Pro Plan

    Professionals and businesses should upgrade to the Pro plan. The Pro plan allows users to make unlimited videos, and the password protects them. In addition, each video can be given professional branding. The Pro plan costs $9.99 per month. It’s a small price to pay for more efficient working and collaboration.

    Enterprise offers all the security features of other plans, plus extra. Enterprise plans are suitable for businesses that require additional security layers. They include advanced security and end-to-end encryption.

    This plan is best for sensitive data workers. The Enterprise plan prices aren’t set in stone, but Berrycast can help you discuss your requirements.

    Berrycast offers a free 14-day trial and a Starter Plan that is forever free! After that, upgrade to a paid plan if you own a business. This will allow unlimited video storage and other features. The Pro plan is affordable at $9.99 per month. It will be worth it, especially considering the savings from video messaging and reducing errors.

    Berrycast Cons and Pros


    • Record your video, then share it with Outlook, Microsoft Teams, or your Berrycast URL.
    • Send your client personalized updates about important projects.
    • Berrycast is a great resource for students. It provides complete lessons, explanations, assignment solutions, and visual and verbal feedback.
    • Great UX
    • Excellent overall video quality. A bit compressed but still clean
    • Great Storage and Bandwidth
    • Fast video upload
    • Branding feature
    • Commenting feature for watchers


    • Minor features lacking


    Berrycast is an easy-to-use screen recorder software. In minutes, you can create an account to record your first video.

    You don’t need any prior experience. Register for a free account to get started. Plans are affordable and can be scaled up to meet your business’s needs. You can add custom branding to your platform and share videos with anyone through a link. App cloud makes it easy for you to access the software. You can also subscribe via Appcloud to access many other apps and make the most out of them.

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    Wp courseware App

    Wp courseware App

    WP Courseware


    WP courseware includes all the features you need to create online courses. The best thing about WP Courseware is the freedom to choose your course pricing and plans and control who can view them.

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    This superstar App will arrive included with Appclub subscription.

    What is

    AppClub is a platform where you can get access to 50+ business-critical apps in one single package.

    All Apps in One Dashboard

    Access all 50+ apps from a single dashboard.

    Hassle-Free Setup

    Get all apps setup by your priorities.

    Expert Support

    Dedicate support available for every kind of issues or queries.

    WP Courseware Features

    Passive income streams are more of a necessity these days than a luxury. As a result, entrepreneurs and tutors also join the bandwagon, moving online to make a living and earning money via WordPress LMS platforms.

    Although building a Learning Management System can be difficult due to the complexity of coding, the LMS plugins make it much easier. For example, WP Courseware, a popular LMS plugin used to build intuitive learning platforms, is now a favorite.

    What makes WP Courseware stand out from other course-building plugins?

    This in-depth review will help you make informed decisions about the WordPress LMS plugin. If you are thinking of creating an online course on WordPress, then WP Contentware is likely to be the best WordPress LMS software.

    This WP Courseware review will help you understand why it is a great choice, regardless of the subject matter you are teaching, the course size, or the number of students you plan to have.

    We’ll show you the good and bad and give you examples of legitimate websites built using WP Courseware.

    A great LMS (Learning Management System), like WP Courseware, will make it simple to create a user-friendly platform that will drive traffic to your site and increase conversion rates.

    It must be compatible with any plugins you might need to improve the functionality of your website. It should provide a platform for sharing your knowledge through engaging lessons.

    WP courseware includes all the features you need to create online courses. The best thing about WP Courseware is the freedom to choose your course pricing and plans and control who can view them.

    Over 20,000 trainers use WP Courseware to reach their students. These are the top reasons to buy it and how you can create your first course.

    How do you determine if this is the right choice for you?

    This WP Courseware review will take a closer look into this popular plugin to determine if it lives up to the hype it has received.

    Let’s first look at its features, pricing plans, and pros and cons. Are you short on time? You can jump to the section you need directly from the TOC.

    What is WP Courseware?

    WP Courseware, the most popular learning management system plugin, is WP Courseware. WP Courseware allows WordPress users to create and manage interactive online classes with a drag-and-drop interface. WP Courseware is easy to use if you are familiar with WordPress pages and posts.

    WP Courseware is a WordPress plugin that lets users create online classes. It is convenient.

    Fly Plugins created it. This company is known for creating plugins for businesses using the WordPress platform. However, it is not a completely integrated learning management system and can’t compete with standalone giants.

    Although it can handle many, it is best suited for medium-sized e-learning platforms. WP Courseware is intuitive and straightforward to use. Even if you have no experience with learning management systems, creating and setting up your courses will be easy.

    WP Courseware plugin is a WordPress plugin that allows businesses to create customized courses and facilitate learning management on a single platform. Professionals can create multiple courses and organize them with a drag-and-drop interface. They can also add multimedia content. WP Courseware allows organizations to give role-based access to their
    instructors, conduct quizzes for students, and automatically grade their performance for grading. Managers can manage bulk enrollments, enable recurring subscriptions, and generate transaction reports. Students can also upload assignments and save lesson plans for future reference. In addition, WP Courseware allows integration with many third-party apps.

    WP Courseware, an LMS plugin, allows professional and novice users to create online courses with its drag-and-drop course builder. WP Courseware makes it easy to create courses.

    This plugin allows you to create quizzes and courses and add exciting features. After creating your courses, you can sell them or start making passive income.

    Features of WP Courseware

    Before you decide on a plugin, it is important to understand the most relevant features of your course.

    You may be interested in these features:

    Drag and Drop Course Builder

    As you might expect, the course builder is the most important aspect to be aware of. It is important that you can create your courses quickly and without any prior knowledge of code. It is important that you can customize all aspects of your course, from the lesson to the welcome emails to the certificates and certificates.

    An LMS plugin that does not include a drag-and-drop builder will be ineffective for non-technical users. WP Courseware recognizes this need and offers a revolutionary solution to building exceptional courses.

    Drag and drop builders allow users to easily bring their creative ideas to life by simply dragging and dropping elements.

    Teachers understand students better than anyone. So instead of relying on web designers, teachers can create websites themselves. This allows teachers to create courses that help students learn effectively.

    Quiz Builder

    Testing is another important aspect of many courses. You can create quizzes using the best course builder plugins. These plugins offer multiple answer formats, pagination and time limits, and pass requirements. Lessons should be easily linked to quizzes. After a student has enrolled in your course and completed all lessons, it is time to test them. You can test students in multiple formats with the help of multiple quizzes.

    Cheating is inevitable. WP Courseware offers innovative solutions to reduce the chance of cheating and allows you to provide a fair testing environment for your students.

    WP Courseware allows you to make your quizzes more interesting and the marking criteria easier by providing features such as:

    • Multiple Choice Questions
    • Question Tagging
    • Quiz Timers
    • Require Passing Score
    • Limits on Retake
    • Automated Grading
    • Gradebook Export and many more

    Drip Feed Functional

    Online courses can be abused by students who skip the important parts and jump to later lessons. Content dripping is here to save the day.

    Dripping lets the tutor schedule courses for release at a set date or at different times. This feature allows the teacher to make sure that students adhere to the requirements before taking a course. In addition, this feature allows you to control how often your students receive new lessons. For example, you might decide to only release one lesson per week or that
    students receive new lessons only when they finish old ones.

    Content Expiration

    This allows you to make certain content unavailable after a specific time or date. In addition, you may be able to select a user action that will trigger the deletion of specific content.


    A community component is a powerful way to increase engagement in your courses. Some plugins have built-in forums, while others integrate with plugins.

    Email Capabilities

    The best way to make sure your students reach every lesson is via email. Some plugins provide this feature, while others can send emails via integrations with popular email marketing tools.

    Subscribe to our Newsletter

    You can create subscriptions using the best WordPress course-building plugins. These subscriptions will be recurrently paid. This is a great way for you to create a steady income with people who want to access all of your courses.


    Membership is another great way to make money from your courses. Some plugins for course building have this ability built-in; others integrate with plugins like MemberPress.


    Coupons can be a great way to convince skeptical customers or reward loyal customers. You should look for a plugin that lets you create unlimited coupons. Customers can select between a dollar amount or a percentage discount.

    Flexible Payment Options

    Look for a plugin compatible with your preferred payment processor if you have one. Your customers should also be able to select their preferred payment method.

    Your students will appreciate the convenience that more payment options offer. In addition, WP Commerce doesn’t limit you to one mode of payment. You can also set up multiple payment options to reach a wider audience.

    The LMS plugin lets you customize payment plans, make one-time or installments, and provide users with various payment options. You can also set up specific courses or all of them for free.

    Your LMS can have many payment integrations that allow you to welcome more students. As a result, you will ultimately make more sales and earn more passive income.

    It’s easy to use

    Course-building plugins that make it simple to create courses are the best. You want a plugin that makes it easy to create courses. This will allow you to focus on what is important: creating effective lessons.

    Documentation and Support

    You want to be able to get help quickly if you run into problems. Look for plugins that offer extensive documentation and quick customer service responses. User reviews are a great way to get the best information on customer service.


    The cost of choosing a course-building plugin is the last thing to consider. How much will you be charged for your signup? Do you want to pay an annual fee or save long-term money by purchasing a lifetime membership? What is the cost of similar plugins? These questions are important, but they should not be the only thing you consider when deciding.

    Simple Integrations

    WP Courseware can integrate with many top-runner services to help you achieve your business goals. In addition, it can integrate with WordPress plugins and email marketing services e-commerce solutions to help market your course well.

    Multiple integrations enable your business to grow quickly, eliminating any obstacles with the help of supporting tools.

    Detailed WP Courseware’s Key Features

    WP Courseware offers a large collection of features. WP Courseware offers 271 powerful features and continues to improve its platform.

    Let’s look at how WP Coursewares will help you to create, sell and manage your online courses. It’s nearly impossible to design and create a successful course without effective course-building tools.

    Create courses

    WP Courseware’s developers considered this when developing the course creator part of the plugin. With this WordPress LMS plugin, create your courses quickly and easily with the following features:

    1. Visual course creator that you can drag-and-drop

    WP Courseware’s Course Builder allows you to create unlimited courses and organize your course content. You can also structure your course using the ” WP Courseware” tab in the main WordPress dashboard.

    You can add content to your courses by creating modules, course units, quizzes, etc. You’ll be able to create a multimedia-rich learning environment by embedding all types of content (texts, images, audio, videos, etc.) in your courses It.

    WP Courseware creates course listings for you to display your courses at the front end.

    Your courses will appear on your course pages.

    With you can easily customize the layout and navigation of your courses. This includes features such as shortcodes and visual block builders.

    The WP Courseware plugin is compatible with any WordPress page builder or theme.

    2. Student enrollment

    WP Courseware lets you manage unlimited students and allows you to evaluate them.

    There are ve ways that students can register to take online courses:

    1. Self-enrollment: Your students can register for courses anywhere they want with the self-enrollment button.

    2. Automated enrollment: Enrol new students in any WP Courseware course.

    3. Bulk enrollment: Enrol large numbers of students simultaneously and automatically create user accounts.

    4. Paid enrollment: Users who have paid for a course via WP Courseware’s shopping cart or any other e-commerce/membership plugin can be denied access.

    5. Manual enrollment: WP Courseware offers several options to enroll students quickly and eciently manually.

    You can create custom messages and notications for your students when they are enrolled in your online classes.

    3. Student online course access

    WP Courseware lets you eciently manage your students by:

    • Students who have previously completed courses are not allowed access.
    • Course tracks are created to guide students through a comprehensive learning experience that includes multiple courses.
    • Scheduling course to release on specific dates (drip content) or at regular intervals starting from the date of enrollment

    Students can upload assignments and download lesson content in any form (such as text or PDF).

    The WP courseware plugin includes course creation capabilities and eCommerce capabilities.

    Sell courses

    Your marketing and sales efforts are key to the success of your course.

    WP Courseware allows you total control over how you sell your online courses.

    All these features have been grouped into three categories:

    1. Selling

    WP Courseware includes complete shopping cart functionality to sell your courses.

    You can use WP Courseware’s integration with PayPal to process your course orders.

    WP Courseware creates default pages for you to use for your order page, checkout page, and terms and conditions.

    2. Pricing

    WP Courseware offers a range of methods that you can use for charging students:

    1. One-time pricing: Pay a one-time, single fee for access to all your courses
    2. Payment plans: Courses can be paid in any number of installments
    3. Recurring subscriptions: You can sell access to your course via a recurring subscription at any time
    4. Free courses: To promote paid courses or as a lead magnet, offer free courses
    5. Memberships: You can combine your courses with non-course content to create membership programs
    6. Bundled courses: Special pricing is available for groups that purchase multiple courses together
    7. Coupon codes: Promote your course and increase sales by using fixed or percentage discount coupons

    You can even price your course with any currency

    3. Other

    With this WordPress plugin, you can keep track of all your course purchases using WP Courseware’s sales reporting dashboard.

    You can also set up automated emails that will be automatically sent to you or your customer after a transaction takes place.

    The WP Courseware WordPress plugin is a bonus and conforms to all European Union privacy standards.

    Next, we’ll be exploring the interactive features that WP Courseware offers.

    Quiz student

    You can better understand what your students are going through, what works and doesn’t, and then act accordingly.

    WP Courseware lets you easily create quizzes for your modules and/or units to assess your students’ knowledge.

    There are three quiz types:

    1. Survey mode: These are not graded quizzes; their sole purpose is to collect data.
    2. Blocking quiz mode.
    3. Non-blocking Quiz Mode: Students must complete quizzes within a unit. However, they can move on to the next unit without any restrictions.

    WP Courseware quizzes can contain four different question types:

    • True/False Questions: Use simple true/false questions in your quizzes to get automated grading.
    • Multiple Choice Questions: Multiple Choice Questions can be automatically graded, and answers can be randomized.
    • Open-ended Questions in text-entry format. You can customize the size of the answer field to guide your answer
    • Assignment Uploads: File submissions are required for complex learning topics. Acceptable file types

    All questions that you create are automatically added to the question bank. They’re then grouped in related groups to be used in multiple quizzes or randomization.

    You can Add quiz features such:

    • Answer Hint to help your students find the right answers to questions
    • Students can use Quiz Timer To set a time limit for quiz attempts.
    • Students are permitted to take retake attempts to obtain a passing grade or higher than an existing
    • The passing score requirement must be met before a student may progress to the course.

    WP Courseware also allows you to set manual feedback or automated feedback. This feedback is sent to students following the completion of a quiz.

    After students have completed a quiz/course, you can view all high-level student performance views and granular quiz details within the Course Gradebook.

    Engage students

    Research shows that students learn better when involved in the learning process. It motivates them to use more advanced critical thinking skills and creates learning opportunities.

    WP Courseware promotes student engagement by offering the following features.

      • Students dashboard: Provides easy access to the course outline, payment history, and account details.
      • Status Report: Keep track of the progress of your students while they take courses
      • Course classroom: To send feedback to students and keep track of their progress, use each course’s Classroom page.
      • Automatic emails: Create customized automated emails that are triggered by course events
      • Achievements: Awards based on course events that increase engagement
      • Certificate maker: Make certificates with WP Courseware’s drag–and–drop builder. These certificates will be available for students upon completion of the course.

      You can also integrate your mailing list by sending student enrolls to popular email marketing services for ongoing engagement.

      WP Courseware: The Benefits

      • Drag and Drop –WP Courseware is a drag-and-drop feature that allows you to create courses for your WordPress site or page. This allows content creators and non-developers to create courses quickly and without worrying about making mistakes.
      • No Revenue Sharing- You won’t need to share the money you make with the app, and this is one advantage of using this software to help create your courses.
      • Flexible Payment Options-WP Courseware makes making one-time or installment payments and recurring subscriptions easy.
      • Built-in Shopping Cart  WP Courseware, customers can also use the built-in shopping cart.
      • Payment Processing – This feature allows you to get paid quickly and without hidden fees.
      • Training Resources- You will also have access to hundreds of training resources to help you with your course creation journey, from the initial idea to the final launch.
      • Unlimited Course Creation – There is no limit on the number of courses you can create with WP Courseware.
      • Course Unit – You can also use existing content to enhance your courses. Use the one-click option to convert your pages or posts into course units.
      • Lessons Created from Scratch – There’s also a visual editor that will help you build lessons and courses in just minutes.
      • Content Embedding –WP Courseware allows you to embed any type of content, including videos from any source. You can also use HTML, HTML, interactive content, and file downloads.
      • Surveys or Quizzes – You can create surveys and quizzes through WP Courseware to make your courses more intense.
      • Certificates – This feature allows you to offer certificates of completion for your students to ensure that they get the best out of your courses. It also encourages more enrollments.
      • Integrations –WP Courseware integrates with a variety of e-Commerce, memberships, and achievements plugins to give you the ability to personalize your learning experience.
      • Membership plugins – You can also connect to popular plugins such as MemberPress, Wishlist Member, and MemberMouse.

      WP Courseware: How to Use Plugins

      How to Install WP Courseware on Your WordPress Site

      Sign up first for the plan that you desire. Signing up is easy and requires only payment and basic account information. You can pay by PayPal or credit card.
      After the payment has been processed, you will be taken to a page with payment information. Here you can view information about your payment and download your plugin. You also have access to your API key. This information will also be sent to you by email.
      Scroll down to grab your plugin. It will be downloaded in a ZIP file.
      Go to your WordPress dashboard in a separate tab. Navigate to “Plugins > New” to take you to a page that allows you to search the WordPress plugin library. Then, click the “Upload Plugin” button at the top.
      You will be prompted to choose a file from a box. Then, drag and drop the file you have downloaded into the box. Or search manually. WordPress will unpack it automatically. After the process is completed, you will be prompted for activation.Connect the plugin to your WP Courseware Account. Then, go to the “Settings” area of WP courseware. To ensure that your plugin receives automatic updates, copy and paste the API key you received from your payment information page to the box below.

      How to Connect a Payment Gateway

      You can also connect payment gateways to WP Courseware in the ‘Settings” area. You can edit many aspects of your checkout experience by clicking on the “checkout” tab.

      • Visit these pages
      • Your courses’ currency
      • Payment gateways
      • Collecting taxes
      • Coupons
      • Checkout
      • Privacy policy displayed

      To view a page that allows you to add payment options, click ‘Payment gateways.’ Then, click the Configure button to select the payment gateway to which you want to connect.

      The next step is to complete some account information. The exact information needed varies according to the payment gateway.

      How to Create A Class

      Once the payment gateway is in place, it’s time to examine how the course builder works.
      You can start by going to the WP courseware ‘Courses’ section. This will take you to an area where you’ll eventually manage all your courses. Then, click the “Add New” button at the top.

      This will take to you to the course creator. In addition, a series of information boxes will guide you through the builder’s key components the first time you visit it. This is an excellent feature for those intimidated by its sheer number.

      You will find the course builder directly below the title area. You can edit, add and change the order of your modules here. You can edit and change the order of course modules later. For now, scroll down to the Course Settings section.

      Here are some ways you can change the course:

      • Permissions: Who can access the class, when they become visible, and how do students progress through each unit?
      • Course Description: What the sales page says about this course. This section uses WordPress Classic Editor, which allows you to format course description pages the same way as any other area of your website.
      • Payments: Choose between a one-time or monthly payment and choose the price. You can also opt to take the course for free.
      • Course messages: The messages your students will get throughout the course. These messages include welcome messages, unit messages, and many other messages.
      • Course email: Here, you can select the name and email address that will appear in the “From” section of course emails. You can also edit course-related emails, such as the “Course Complete” email.
      • Certification: This is where you determine whether students receive a certificate after completing the course.
      • Prerequisites for this course: Students can be required to complete other courses before they start this one.
      • Course bundles: This setting lets you sell related courses together as a package.
      • Instructor: The WordPress user responsible for this course’s management.
      • Bulk grant access or progress reset: These options let you modify students’ access to the course.

      After configuring the basics, it is time to create your first module.

      How to Create A Module

      Scroll back to the Course Builder, and click on the “Add Module” button.

      The box will now contain text areas for your module title and description. In addition, you can format your description using the rich text editor.

      After you have added a module, you will be prompted for a unit. A new editor will open when you click the “Add Unit” button. You can either create a new unit within the tool or click “Add an Existing unit” — I’ll discuss the separate unit builder later.

      You can create a quiz from this page. The course builder allows you to add the title and description to your Quiz, but the question builder is required to create them.

      You can create modules by going to the “Modules” area and clicking on the “Add New” button at the top. This will take you to an area where it can name a module, assign it as a course and provide a description. To open the respective editors, you can click on the buttons at the top of this page: ‘Add Unit’ or ‘Add Quiz.

      The Unit Editor

      Go to the WP courseware area and click on the “Units” link. The page will take you to all your current units. Then, click the “Add New” button at the top.
      The unit editor is nearly identical to the block editor in WordPress but with a few extra options.

      • Unit template– Templates can give a course’s units a consistent look.
      • Unit content drip – This determines when this unit’s content becomes available for students.
      • Teaser/preview – This option allows you to publish the unit publicly, as a teaser, for your course.

      The unit editor can be accessed by clicking on the “Add Unit” button in the module editor.

      The Quiz Editor

      The quiz editor was the best thing I found during my WP Courseware review. There are two ways to access it:

      1. Click the “Quizzes” area of WP Courseware to open the “Add New” button.
      2. Click the “Add Quiz” button in the module editor.

      These routes will take you to a page that allows you to name your Quiz, give it an abstract, and select a quiz type. To create your Quiz, choose a type of Quiz and click the “Save All Quiz Settings and Questions” button.

      This allows you to add questions such as true/false multiple choice, true/false open-ended, file upload, and open-ended. There are no limits to the number of questions you can add.

      A row of buttons will be located above the quiz editor. These buttons take you to settings that you can modify.

      • Quiz behavior – This is where you can modify things like the mark required to pass, how many attempts students have, and whether there is a time limit.
      • Results – These settings control how results are displayed. Students can also download their results.
      • Feedback messages allow you to leave feedback for students who have provided specific answers.
      • Question Management – Here, you can edit and select the order in which questions appear.

      After you are satisfied with the questions, settings, and other details, you can click the ‘Save All Quiz Setting & Questions’ button to save your information.

      WP Courseware: Pricing & Plans

      WP Courseware does not offer a free plan. Instead, there are three plans available. The biggest difference is how many sites you can use. Each plan requires a one-year commitment. Email support is included in all plans. WP Courseware provides three pricing options to its users. Users can choose the one that best suits their needs.
      All pricing plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Each plan is described below

      1. Teacher

      The Teacher plan is for tutors and new entrepreneurs trying to make it in the online market. This plan will support their initial efforts and help them to secure a position in the online market.

      The WP Courseware Teacher’s Plan is available at a special $129/year price and includes the following features.

      • 2-site license.
      • Unlimited courses
      • Unlimited students
      • All plugin functionality.
      • 1-year support
      • One year of updates
      • Install on 2 WordPress websites

      2. Professor

      The Professor plan, WP Courseware’s most-respected license, is now available at a $149/year discount.

      • Unlimited courses
      • Unlimited students
      • All plugin functionality.
      • 1-year support
      • One year of updates
      • Install on 10 WordPress websites

      3. Guru

      The Guru plan is the most popular choice for professionals. It is available at a reduced $199/year. These are the features included in WP Courseware’s Guru Plan:

      • Unlimited courses
      • Unlimited students
      • All plugin functionality.
      • 1-year support
      • One year of updates
      • Install on 25 WordPress websites

      You will get a 30% discount if you renew your annual plan before the end of the current year. Pricing is affected by the 108 integrations available. Each integration offers additional functionality for an additional fee.

      The Starter Package is available for integrations. It gives you a 30% discount on all integrations purchased separately.

      You can choose Freshbooks to do your accounting or BuddyPress to build a community. Slack is also available for course notifications and automating other processes.

      WP Courseware: The Pros and the Cons


      • Easy integration into existing WordPress sites
      • Easy to use and intuitive
      • Simple drag-and-drop content solutions
      • Many quizzing options
      • Implementation of drip feed
      • More than 100 integration options are available
      • Competitively priced
      • Three pricing options
      • Multiple discounts available


      • Not meant for large e-learning enterprises
      • Moderate lesson customization capabilities


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      WP Courseware



      WP courseware includes all the features you need to create online courses. The best thing about WP Courseware is the freedom to choose your course pricing and plans and control who can view them.

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